I Can Do It All, Achoo!

I am perfectly capable of taking care of the kids, house, dog, business, yard, etc etc etc and the list goes on! Blah blah blah! My days are crazy busy but I love it! I Can Do It All!

I don’t know how many women feel the same as I do but I am guessing there are plenty! I basically go from one thing to another trying really hard to balance every aspect of my life. I like my house in order and I am extremely organized. I will admit I have relaxed over the years because my life is full! The problem is, I continue to take on more which has made it a necessity to prioritize my daily activities, so it can be hard. As it is now, when we need milk, I grocery shop, when crap from the kitchen floor starts to stick to my feet, I mop, when we need clothes, I do a wash, when I smell, I shower, okay that’s a joke, personal hygiene is high on my list! Can anyone relate?

Here comes the bad news. When we take on everything because we have my attitude, I am capable so therefore I will, somethings gotta give. In my case it’s my body. When the balance goes out we need to make change. You have probably figured out by now that I love exercise, but with being so busy I’ve been cutting corners, doing the bare minimum. It eventually catches up with you, believe me I know. But at least I’m aware of it, so that’s the first step!

I tried Yoga to help with stretching, slow myself down a bit, but I couldn’t even lift my arms over my head I have such pain in both my shoulders.(calcific tendinitis) And if that’s not painful enough my  IT band hurts 24/7. Basically I hurt from my hip to my knee on the outer side of my leg! (iliotibial band) I feel like I should be going to see a Geriatric doctor not a Massage therapist. Kels I know, basically I need you to live with me! And the icing on the cake (mmm wish I had cake) I had a sore throat and head cold which has put me even further behind my goal of being ripped by May! Uncle! I Give, whatever it is you say when you throw in the towel!

I am on the road to restoring balance in my body by finally taking the time out of my busy day to see a massage therapy. What a relief! It wasn’t quite like the massage you get as a gift, it was painful. You know your in pain whenyou let a complete stranger dig her elbow into your oiled bare buttocks and thighs with the lights on! Hallelujah! All I can say is THANK GOD it was a woman!

Lesson learned, if we continue to be so busy that we ignore our bodies own cry out for help it has no choice but to put on the breaks and force us to stop doing so much! So maybe I can’t do it all, or shouldn’t do it all.

This quote makes me feel like all my aches and pains are worth it!

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!'”
— Hunter S. Thompson


A Dog’s Unending Loyalty

Bonnie Johnson's PostThose of you who know me well, know that I am an animal lover and I am particularly a fan of dogs.

Our dog, Spot, (who hasn’t a single spot- we thought it was funny at the time, ok) is an important part of our family.  She’s part border collie, part black lab and some other random unknown part on her unknown daddy’s side.   I take her with me as often as I can if I’m traveling by car.  She even has her own seat belt.  I buy her very expensive non-allergenic food because she has skin issues.   She has a big fluffy dog bed on every level of our house.  That means three comfy beds plus an extra one on the outside deck off the office.  Ya, she’s spoiled, but she is so worth it.  She melts our hearts daily with her loving glances and wags her tail if we so much as glance her way.   She is pure love on four legs.  I bet all of you with dogs of your own are nodding with understanding right now.Spot

So for all my fellow dog lovers out there, here is an inspiring story of dog loyalty at its best.  Enjoy!



Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Home!

Bonnie Johnson's PostThis has been a frightening few days for over 10,000 residents in and around the Glenrosa subdivision in West Kelowna, BC.  Two of those residents are my parents.

This past Saturday afternoon they went to pick up a few things in town. It was so hot outside they decided to leave their small white dog, Stella, in their air conditioned home so she wouldn’t have to sit in a hot car while they shopped.

A short time later when they tried to return they were met with emergency crews, helicopters, water bombers and a large road block at the entrance of their subdivision.  The air was thick with smoke from the forest above their home as it burned dangerously close to the homes.  They were not allowed to go back for Stella.  No one was allowed through by this time.  My parents were worried sick for their favourite child dog.  At the shelter, which was set up for the evacuated residences, they found someone from the SPCA who promised to go in and rescue their dog as soon as the fire fighters gave them access.  They were finally reunited with Stella Sunday afternoon.  They were so relieved to have her in their arms they forgot to ask how their house and neighborhood looked!  After all it’s just stuff right!Glenrosa fire and my parents house

Tracy recently told me about friends who lost everything they owned in a house fire.  Apparently they feel a wonderful sense of freedom.  All of their stuff was weighing them down and now that it is all gone they really feel a sense of renewal.
I can see huge plumes of smoke directly across the lake from my home as I write this coming from another fire.

Photo courtesy of Scott Wellenbrink

Photo courtesy of Scott Wellenbrink

There are four fires currently burning in the Okanagan.  I can also see the dry, thickly forested hillside right behind my house from where I sit.  It all makes me stop and think about what I would do if faced with having to leave my house at a moments notice and what would I want to take with me if anything.  Looking around I realize that there isn’t really a lot that I couldn’t live without.  In fact the exercise has me thinking its time to de-clutter again and shed some of the unnecessary stuff.  I will put all of my “important” papers together in one easy to locate (read – one that I can remember) place.  After I was sure my husband and dog were safely out I’d probably grab my hard drive, some photo albums, those “important” papers and then scram.

The residents affected by the Glenrosa fire are looking at another couple of days before they will be allowed back to check on and return to their homes.  Hopefully there won’t be too much lost and much appreciation for the important things gained.




Would it Be Too Much to Ask to Have My Husband Stuffed?


One morning I was listening to a morning radio show and the subject peaked my interest.  They were asking the public if they agreed or disagreed about getting a family pet stuffed in order to hang onto it a little longer.

Some people’s pets are like family and anyone who has had a pet knows how sensitive this subject can be.  We mourn our animals sometimes more than we mourn our relatives and rightfully so.  Our furry companions are unconditionally in love with us, they give us a sense of security and really require very little in return.  Unlike some relatives we all know.

While I was listening intently to the callers it made me think of my husband, don’t ask, it just did.  I love more than anything to spend my weekend mornings having coffee with him in the living room because we always seem to have the best conversations about life and what ever else comes up.  For a moment I thought what if it’s not the dog that dies but him?  Why not get him stuffed if it were an option?  Is it really too much to ask?  Roy Rogers stuffed Trigger and were talking a horse here!  I mean it would have to be done professionally.  I would want him to be realistic or it wouldn’t be worth it.  I could request him be put in the seated position with his hand available for a coffee cup so we could continue our weekend ritual and still sit together and have coffee as we once did.  Perhaps this would make for an easier transition into being on our own.

Let’s go a little further with this.  So there we are on the weekend enjoying our morning java together fixing the world’s problems but like any relationship it starts to get stale after awhile and we start to loose interest in the other person’s ideas.  Or I should say I start to loose interest in his ideas, so I finally start to date.  My new boyfriend wants to come over to visit and I can no longer think of any good reason for him not to.  So I put a blanket over my husband because I am not quite ready to let go.  After a couple of curious boyfriends later I finally decide to move him downstairs to the basement for the kids to play with.  Oh how they use to love to wrestle with him after he came in from work.

We tried to keep him upstairs as long as we could because it was expensive to have him stuffed but now he is collecting dust.  My daughter couldn’t resist giving him a hair cut and my son put him in goal.  He is just not holding together as we had imagined.  In hindsight we should have just saved him for special occasions like Birthdays and Christmas even better Halloween but we really wanted to get our money’s worth.

Perhaps it is too much to ask and we should focus our lives on making memories that will last a life time!  Live in the moment people, or you may end up stuffed!