Svaha Spirit Series ~ Sing by Annie Lennox ~

Our Svaha Spirit Series is meant to be Inspirational. I love music and was inspired while watching Annie Lennox’s video ‘Sing’. To quote directly from her website SING, “When people get together to sing, they become encouraged and inspired.” Isn’t that true! Annie Lennox teamed up with 23 of the world’s most acclaimed female superstar voices to produce ‘Sing’ to raise money and awareness for the HIV/Aids organization,Treatment Action Campaign (TAC). Here’s Annie Lennox, and in the chorus, Madonna, Celine Dion, Pink, Dido to name a few of the 23 who use their voices to inspire! If you take a look around her website you will see the progress that has been made since she started SING, now that’s inspiring!

Inspiration is what helps make positive change.

Annie Lennox ~ Sing


Do They Know it’s Christmas Time At All?

TracyThey’ve done it again!  Band Aid 20 has released the New version of “Do They Know it’s Christmas Time At All”, this year written by Bob Geldof and Midged Ure on Mercury Records.  Band Aid has a who’s who of contemporary British Rock, Pop, R & B and Urban Music.   Bono, Paul McCartney, Keane, The Sugarbabes, Dido, Robbie Williams, Chris Martin, Snow Patrol, to name a few have contributed to this wonderful arrangement!  You can see the list in it’s entirety if you go to the Band Aid20 link.  There is the record but also a DVD which is a “behind the scenes” look at the making of the charity single.

50 % of Africans are children and most of these children go to bed each night hungry which is intolerable.  It’s doesn’t matter what you give as long as you do.  Time, money, guidance, it all helps to make the world a better place!

Tracy signiture


There’s No Place Like Home…right?

Bonnie Johnson's PostI’ve been away traveling for the past ten days.  I love going away, being away and then after traveling all day; I love that moment when I arrive home.  Ahhh!  I always love coming home.  Isn’t it the greatest feeling when you walk through your own front door into familiarity again?  It certainly helps to be greeted by a dog like ours who cries and wags her tail so hard she risks having it fly right off her backside.  To be surrounded again by all my favourite things is great but the cherry on top for me is sleeping in my own bed with my own cozy pillow.  I truly love my pillow.

Welcome-home-doormat-001Then the next morning arrives and I realize I have to get back to all the routines I couldn’t wait to leave behind.  Hmm.  Suddenly I’m back to work, I have responsibilities again, and I’ve got to make that bed, cook dinner, and do the laundry, laundry and more laundry.  Aaargh! What’s worse, I woke feeling like I’d left something behind in Tampa.  Oh yes, I remember now.  I left my son behind.  He lives there and I live here. We also left behind a daughter (my step daughter) in New York.  She lives there and we live here.  Well this sucks.  And my friend can’t even get a pap test for crying out loud!  Oh no, I’m starting to spiral down into an after-vacation-funk.  I keep hearing Dido in my head singing “Sand in My Shoes”.  There’s nothing left to do but find a way to enjoy the here and now…the minus 10 degrees Celsius… er, I mean the beautiful crisp winter air that means Christmas is around the corner.   No wait! That just makes me feel panic because I have not decorated or shopped yet.

I’ve got it! I’m going back to bed to cuddle my pillow and dream about my next dreaming