Meet Artist Laurie Koss

Laurie Koss

Meet Laurie Koss.  Here is some history for you before I begin.  I have known Laurie’s sister Jane Eagle (Smith) since I was 11.  We giggled our way through Jr High School together.  I spent endless summer days playing Marco Polo in Jane and Laurie’s pool.  Her family was so easy to be around.  I was so excited when I reconnected with Jane recently on facebook  because we were Best friends through some really memorable years.  They both look exactly the same to me which makes me giggle some more.  Jane told Laurie that we had reconnected and the rest is history.  After adding Laurie to my facebook friends list I went to leave her a message and saw her stunning artwork.

I honestly couldn’t decide which painting I liked best!  Here are a few of Laurie’s beautiful paintings~

Laurie Koss Mum 8

Instead of relying on a flower’s most beautiful feature, its colour, Laurie’s paintings are pure and simple in form to me.  You really do see the beauty more clearly.  It’s nature with no distractions, pure and simple!  Laurie creates the neutral tones of her paintings as she works by mixing the paint on a simple palette of the three primary colours  red, yellow, blue and white.

Laurie Koss Begonia 7

“Is a flower still beautiful without colour?”  Yes!

Laurie Koss Begonia 2

And just in case you want a little bit of colour~

Laurie Koss New Mum 1

Laurie developed her love for art from her beautiful Mother, Mary Eagle, who they both get their incredible youthful genetics from!  She educated herself in commercial art, worked in the advertising field and has a Bachelor of Education with a Major in Art.  Laurie also worked one on one with graphic artist Bob Steele who taught her that it is much easier to take a good colour photograph. Once you remove the colour and shoot in black and white you have to rely on the shape, form, light and dark, and movement to make it beautiful.  It is much more challenging to produce a beautiful black and white photograph.  Laurie has also taught High School Art.  You never know who you are going to meet or reconnect with, but we all have an inspiring story if we take the time to see it.

Thank you for letting me show your Artistic Talent here on Tara Cronica Laurie your work is “Beautiful and Pure!”

Laurie’s artwork can be seen at Hambleton Galleries in Kelowna, British Columbia.

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