Svaha Spirit Series: Laughter is the Best Medicine!

My Mom sent this to me and it made me laugh. I hope I still have my weird sense of humor when I’m 72! Chances are I will as it seems to run in the family! In the very attractive picture I used, the left side of my face has been aged by a make-up artist to make me look in my 70’s. I thought it was fitting! Makes me want to create a few more exciting life experiences while I can! Keep in mind (any potential suitors) that I have NO make-up on and I’ve had the mole with hair in it on my chin removed since this photo! And I would never normally wear grey – it sucks the life and colour right out of ya! lol 🙂 There is no better way to remind yourself to live with no regrets than to see what you would like in your golden years! Kinda makes me want to go out and do something naughty! hee hee!

“A friend of the couple who founded ‘Home Instead Senior Care’, Mary Maxwell was asked to give the invocation at the company’s 2009 Convention. Initially it seemed like a normal prayer, but it soon took a very funny turn. Her deadpan delivery and lines like …This is the first time I’ve ever been old… and it just sort of crept up on me … soon had the franchise owners rolling in the aisles. With the timing of a professional comedian, Mary shines a very funny light on the foibles of aging, to the delight of this audience of senior-care experts.” (quoted from the video site)

Blessed In Aging

Blessed are they who understand my faltering step and shaking hand.

Blessed who know my ears today must strain to hear the things they say.

Blessed are those who seem to know my eyes are dim and my mind is slow.

Blessed are those who look away when I spilled tea that weary day.

Blessed are they who with cheery smile stopped to chat for a little while.

Blessed are they who know the way to bring back memories of yesterday.

Blessed are those who never say “You’ve told that story twice today.”

Blessed are they who make it known that I am loved, respected and not alone.

And blessed are they who will ease the days of my journey home, in loving ways.

~Esther Mary Walker

I love hearing stories from older generations of what things were like when they were younger. We are all the same, just some are a little farther ahead on their path in life. Enjoy each moment at what ever age you find yourself!

Thanks Mom for sending another inspiring message! xo love you!