Go Canucks Go!

This is for you Lawrence! I am a woman of my word! Yes I lost a bet everyone! Great job Vancouver! Just to be clear I did not jump off the wagon, I have my seat reserved for next year!


Are you ready Vancouver? This is it! Tonight’s the night we will all sit at the edge of our seats when the puck is dropped at centre ice. Vancouver Canuck fans have been waiting in anticipation for this day and it’s finally here! The electricity in the air will not only be felt by those at Rogers Arena, it will be felt by everyone no matter where you watch the game. The city will come alive tonight! The hottest ticket in town!

I can’t imagine what is going through the players minds today except that tonight they will participate in the game of their lives. It’s all or nothing. Go big or go home empty handed! The Vancouver Canucks are playing in Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final! Incredible! It’s what every hockey player dreams of. Good luck Boys! Live your dream tonight! I believe…

Be a Fan not a Fool tonight Vancouver!

I can’t remember off the top of my head who we are playing but I am craving honey on toast this morning! There couldn’t be a better band than U2 to play our theme song!

Okay Lawrence it all comes down to this…:)

One more for those who want to hear a great motivational speech by Al Pacino~


Svaha Spirit Series ~ Inspired by Earl

I have hockey fever.  My Canucks are in the final run for the Stanley Cup.

I’m also thinking of my friends (one being a big Red Wings fan) who were up all night doing the Relay for Life and raising money for cancer research.  Last year I lit a candle for one of our readers, Samantha Mattersdorfer, who recently lost her battle with cancer.  Samantha is also on my mind at this time.

So, when I found this inspiring video, I was amazed by how perfectly it reflected all of this for me.  You’ll see why when you watch the very inspiring story of Earl Cook in this CBC feature.


Happy Svaha Sunday!


Am I Missing the Style Gene?

I’ve always struggled with how to put an outfit together.  When I was very little my grandmother used to make outfits for me; often with matching hats (see below).  At 3 and 4 years old I looked very “put together”.  My mom also sewed some pretty snazzy outfits for me. (I’m laughing right now at myself for using the word snazzy – I sound like a throw back from the 1930’s or 40’s).  The point I’m trying to make is that without someone “dressing” me, I’m lost.

In my early teens I went to an all-girl’s high school in Australia and only wore uniforms.  Easy!  But when we moved back to Canada I suddenly had to figure out what teenage girls my age wore in this country.  I got it really wrong in the beginning.  My jeans were the skinny leg style but everyone else was wearing “Big Blues” which were so wide legged that your shoes disappeared entirely underneath them.  I was gangly and awkward with a funny accent.  The last thing I wanted was to stand out even more with a fashion faux pas!

So that was the beginning of my struggle with fashion.  I felt like I was a step behind and I’ve never fully trusted my sense of style from those days on.  While a part of me felt inclined to wear a little makeup and shave my legs, another side of me longed to climb trees and get dirty helping my grandfather build his latest project.

April 2010. I just removed a pretty necklace and bracelet, stepped out of my slender sandals, took off my blouse and skirt and slipped into my comfy-but-masculine men’s Lu Lu Lemon sweat pants and one of Johns t-shirts.  And suddenly it hit me.

I’m half girly-girl and half tomboy! But I’m not enough of either one to be comfortable going fully to one side of the fashion pendulum or the other.

I am a contradiction.  It suddenly makes sense.  I am a Gemini after all.  Even now, as I write this, I have one eye watching a hockey game.
Journaling/blogging = girly
Watching hockey = tomboyish
I love having nice clothes but I hate shopping. Contradiction!
I like pretty jewelery but I also like my Handyman work gloves.
(In case your mind is taking this further than necessary…I’ve always only had crushes on boys/men.)
Anyway, it suddenly makes sense to me why I’ve never felt comfortable choosing a fashion style.  I’m a bit of each on opposite ends of the spectrum.  (These Canucks really have got to stay out of the penalty box!…hmm time to paint my toenails…maybe pink this time…) See what I mean!!

I even married someone who often has me passing him tools or helping him carry heavy timbers around the yard, but who also loves to see me wearing a flowery summer dress.  (Not at the same time by the way…or maybe he would. Hmm.)

So what do I do with this new discovery of why I yam what I yam? Well I guess I’ll stop beating myself up over my lack of style and just accept the fact that I’m a little this and a little that all rolled into one.  My style may not always look right but it does always look like me.  🙂



Bonnie's PostI’m so over the top excited for the Pittsburgh Penguins right now.  They just won the coveted Stanley Cup Championship!!  I know, I know, I’m a Canucks fan and I cheered them on right up until until they dropped out of the second round, but then I had to decide who I wanted to see hoist the Stanley Cup if it wasn’t going to be the Canucks and I chose Pittsburgh!   So YAY!!! Pittsburgh!!

Sweet Victory!

Sweet Victory!

Why did I choose Pittsburgh?  Well, there are a few reasons that I will share with you.  I’m an emotional being so bare with me here, but the biggest reason was because they lost to Detroit last year and I really felt it was their turn to win that beautiful big silver cup this year.    I just like the world to be fair sometimes and it’s only right that the Penguins get to taste the glory after having to swallow that bitter defeat last year.

mario-lemieuxThen there is co-owner/chairman and Hockey Hall of Famer Mario Lemieux.  The Montreal native led the Penguins to two Stanley Cups (1990-91 and 1991-92) while winning six NHL scoring titles, three league Most Valuable Player awards and two Conn Smythe trophies as playoff MVP.  He did all this despite a series of serious medical setbacks that included multiple back surgeries over the years and a well-publicized battle with hodgkin’s disease in 1993.  So ya, I’m quite fond of him too.

Exactly half the team is Canadian!  Woot Woot!

matt-cookeMatt Cooke or as I like to call him, Cookie, was once my favourite Canuck and even as a Penquin he still holds a special place in my heart.  The funniest moment during the CBC interviews of the players was when Matts 5 year old son piped up and proclaimed “I skipped school!”  I think he’ll be forgiven.  Soooo cute!

eric-godard-28And last, but not least, is 29 year old Eric Godard who just happens to be born in Vernon, BC.  Oh ya baby, I’m thinking that means that we Vernonites may just get another visist from Lord Stanleys Cup.  So cool…unless you are not a hockey fan, in which case why are still reading this post??

To be honest, I get a little misty eyed watching whichever team wins the Stanley Cup.  I know it’s such a long hard fought battle to get them to this point and it is very touching to see the ear to ear grins when they each do their victory skate with the cup over their heads.




John and Bonnie’s Excellent Adventure

Whoa, dude, where are we?  And what day is it even?  This is what life feels like for me right now.

I’m working with my husband John, preparing and presenting a full log house at the Log and Timber Home Show in Edmonton, Alberta. We drove all day Monday to arrive in Edmonton and then began bright and early on Tuesday morning setting up the 1,100 square foot log cabin.

SandingSanding logs and general clean up has been my responsibility.  Playing with the boys!  It reminds me of when I was a kid and loved to climb trees and do all the stuff the boys were doing…only never quite as well.  I didn’t have the right equipment to keep up but I loved the games they played.  I have to admit that after these many 14 hour days of hard labour I am really longing for all things “girl” again.  I’ve caught myself dreaming of bubble baths and dressing in sexy dresses with killer high heels while dripping in jewelry.

It hasn’t been all pain however.  After a very full day of hard labour on Wednesday we cleaned up and headed for the Nickelback concert.  My feet hurt so much after working on the log house all day that I limped the whole way back to the hotel.  At the concert I found myself back on those same tired feet dancing to every song and throwin’ the devil horns sign out often.  Woo Hoo!!!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will get to appear feminine again as I attempt to sell this log house display to one of the thousands who will come through it.  This is the fun part.  Meeting with so many different people and sharing our passion for these works of art is exciting and invigorating.

Saturday night I’ll get to play with the boys again as we all head to watch the Canucks live at Rexall Place against the Oilers.  Yes, I will be wearing my Canucks jersey!

I do love playing with the boys but I definitely prefer being a girl.  This most excellent adventure gives me a good taste of both.