Inspiration is All Around Us ~

Photo on 13-01-30 at 2.43 PMInspiration is all around us, if we take the time to look and listen. A High School friend of mine named Mike sent me a message last night asking if I would write about his BBF, (their version of BFF ;)) who inspires him immensely. I couldn’t say no because that is what one of our goals here on Tara Cronica…Inspiring others to live their most authentic lives, use our voices to create positive change in the world in which we live and ‘Find Lyrical Beauty in Everyday Happenings!’

Mike described Teresa as one of the most thoughtful positive human beings he has ever met. Mike told me that you can’t help but be lifted by her spirit when you are in her company. She is a true Mom who puts her two boys always first!

Last April Teresa found a lump in her right breast, a story that is becoming far to familiar with all women! Teresa went through the Breast Health Clinic in Surrey and couldn’t say enough about the staff and team of surgeons! After biopsy’s and MRI’s they found precancerous tissue and Teresa eventually underwent a full mastectomy. By being so courageous and sharing her story, Teresa inspires everyone who crosses her path.

Mike went to every appointment with his BBF 😉 and said he felt that he was in the presence of greatness. That is a Best BBF EVER!!

Mike has decided to put on a fundraiser in Teresa’s name to help ease her mind while she is on the road to recovery. It will be held at Jimmy Mac’s Pub in Langley on Feb 10th (Sunday) starting at 4:30! There will be prizes, silent auction, 50/50 and karaoke by donation!

Mikes daughter Tina created the Dream Catcher you see in the photo above which is made out of donated bras. As Mike says “I’m sure the dream catcher has a million stories” hehe! I am sure it does! Tina has offered her work of art to raise money for this fundraiser. If you are interested in joining the auction please contact Mike @ for more information!

Thank you Teresa for sharing your story with us here on Tara Cronica! I hope your journey touches the lives of many giving hope and courage for those who follow in your footsteps. Mike you are a true friend, women need the support and strength from our male energy and you have given just that, making a difference in a beautiful woman’s life!

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The Light that Shines…A Story for All.

Tracy headshotI sat with tears steaming down my cheeks as I watched the empowering story of Jill Brzezinski-Conley. I felt a warm glow each time I saw her beauty grace the screen. Her story is one of love, strength and courage. We can all learn and grow as human beings from embracing such empowerment head on without fear! I will continue to live without fear and when it tries to seep back in I will think of Jill’s strength to keep it at bay! Thank you Jill for telling your story!

Sue Bryce helps Jill tell her story…

What Cancer cannot do…
Cancer is so Limited…
It cannot cripple love…
It cannot shatter hope…
It cannot corrode faith…
It cannot eat away at peace…
It cannot destroy confidence…
It cannot kill friendship…
It cannot shut of memories…
It cannot silence courage…
It cannot quench the spirit…
~Bernice Chambers


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I Want My Children to Know…

If you found out you were not going to be in your child’s future to talk to them about life and love, what would you want to say?

I remember seeing a Documentary years ago of a Mom who was dying of cancer. She recorded videos of herself where she gave her daughter encouragement or advice at specific milestones in life, like getting her period or her first date. It was heart breaking to watch. It must have been the most difficult thing she had ever done in life besides say good-bye. To have the courage and mind set to sit down and gather your thoughts let alone articulate advice you are not ready to give is overwhelming to even consider.

Her daughter would watch the videos when the time presented itself. Although it must have been difficult for her daughter to watch I am sure every word spoken was savoured. The strength of this woman was amazing and stayed with me for years. A Gift…

Things I want my Daughter & Son to know;

~ You’re perfect just the way you are.

~ Stay true to self.

~ Express your feelings no matter what they are; to whom ever they were meant to reach.

~ Never go to bed mad…

~ Always, always kiss your partner before they leave.

~ Never hold a grudge and never seek revenge no matter how hard it is.

~ Always forgive even if you can’t forget. In time you will.

~ Don’t spend too much time crying over the opposite sex, they are worth it but things always work out the way they should and only experience will show you that is true.

~ Never say never, because one day you will…

~ Love with your heart…reason with your head.

~ Touch is something that should never cease with your partner.

~ If you would rather be alone…make it happen.

~ Don’t let anyone take advantage of who you are.

~ Be open to everyone who walks through your door.

~ Don’t judge, it’s just not nice.

~ If you are going to say something about someone, be prepared to say it to their face.

~ If you are unsure of a situation and it involves making a choice…imagine me standing by your side and ask yourself…would I do this if my Mom were here? If not think about it a little longer.

~ Don’t gossip words hurt the most when used to make someone else feel bad.

~ Inspire one person everyday with something you do or say.

~ Your actions will speak much louder than your words.

~ Only marry for Love, not money, love will be there when money isn’t.

~ Never let anyone manipulate your heart. They shouldn’t want to.

~ Love deeply it is the only way.

~ It’s okay for a man to cry, it shows they will be a great Father.

~ Don’t fight unless you are truly passionate about what you are standing for.

~ Do unto others as you would have others do unto you…it’s a Golden Rule for a reason!

No one really knows how much time they have left on Earth. It’s so important to communicate and talk to those you love when the opportunity presents itself. I think what I would miss most was my kids sense of humor in the moment. The spontaneous sparing of funny things said…kind of like the old saying ‘I guess you had to be there.’

Be there because you can and are!

Svaha ~


Svaha Spirit Series ~ Surviving the Treatment: The Return of Myles McLellan

A good friend of mine Lawrence Thomas shared the link to the video below when I posted ‘Stepping into the Ring with the ‘C’ Word”. I was overwhelmed as I am sure anyone who watched it was. Social isolation was something I never even considered a child might go through while dealing with cancer.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of children is play, laughter and silliness. Imagine for a moment being a child and not having anyone to play, laugh or be silly with simply because nobody understands what’s happening to you, while you fight for your life! Myles McLellan was only 9 years old when he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Myles not only had strength, but the confidence to express his feelings and emotions for all his peers to see with the help of Billie Mintz president of arc, Artists Raising Consciousness.

The focus of arc is to help raise awareness of those who make a positive impact on society by using storytelling and social media. Arc Institute aims to assist organizations with their philanthropic goals and their social responsibility mandate by telling stories through cinema and by helping illuminate the human question “Why are we here?” It just doesn’t get much better than that for me!

Myles faced his fears head on like a true warrior but sadly passed away at 13 when his tumor returned, but he left this world a difference maker. He helped educate other children and taught them awareness. The stigmas that are associated with cancer from a child’s eyes are important to talk about and by doing so, Myles made change.

Education is key to understanding what strength really is! Your kids should watch this video with you! You were a leader and hero Myles!

Surviving the Treatment: The Return of Myles McLellan

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Lawrence, I felt it wasn’t enough to just have a link posted! xo

Here is the link if you would like more information about Artists Raising Consciousness or if you would more information about president of arc Billie Mintz.

Check out Myles Miracle Mission Website!


“What’s a Girl Gotta Do to Get a Pap Around Here?”

TracySorry guys this is a girlfriends gab session today, you might want to blog off, I promise I will make it up to you with a nice manly post soon.  The dreaded “Papanicolaou” otherwise known as the “Pap test”.   I don’t know a woman who looks forward to having one, but when you have been trying to arrange an appointment and two weeks turns into 6 months, you just want it done!  I feel the need to vent, out of complete frustration with the medical systems process I have experienced lately.

A Pap test is a screening test used in gynecology to detect premalignant and malignant (cancerous) processes in the cervix.  It still remains the most effective and widely used method for early detection. Significant changes can be treated, thus preventing cervical cancer.  A very serious topic when it comes to preventative health care for women.  The test was invented by and named after the prominent Greek doctor Georgios Papanikolaou.

pap test

I have been having regular yearly paps since my twenties but this year I just couldn’t seem to coordinate my busy schedule with the hours my family doctor was available.  I originally wanted the female doctor of the clinic to do my pap for personal reasons but right now if one of the carpenters down the street offered, I might take him up on it.  You’ll understand why by the end of the post.  This is where my frustration comes in and this post originated.

I was told by a receptionist at my doctors office, (who I think needs to ask for compassion and an attitude adjustment this Christmas), that I needed to come into the clinic for a consultation before I could book my pap test appointment.  A consultation from my family doctor? A doctor who has my complete medical history at his finger tips?  What could I possibly say that would change the way he prepped for, or did this procedure?  It’s a routine test that as far as I remember was pretty straight forward in the past.  Undress from the waist down, cover yourself with a extra large stiff paper napkin, keep socks on, shimmy down until your uncomfortably close to the doc, knee’s bent, feet in stirrups, look at the ceiling, cold metal utensil put you know where, slight pinch, press here and your outta there.  So let me get this straight, I can’t get a pap test done without a consultation but I can have a mole removed from my nipple without any prior appointment.  I am curious what they would ask me that couldn’t be asked on “the day” to justify this extra clinic visit?  I can understand this if I was a new patient with no medical history on file, but this is my family doctor, so I just don’t get it?  An appointment for an appointment?

I tried calling my gynecologist to see if they could help me out.  They were very helpful and referred me to another family doctor whose receptionist figured it all out.   All I needed was a referral faxed from my family doctor to them and I was in like Flynn, without a consult, no visit before the visit, just a pap test.  My head starts to spin at this point.  The receptionist whom I spoke so highly of before NOT then tells me I need to have an appointment to get the referral.  If I could attend the appointment to get the referral, can’t the doctor just slip my heals in the stirrups quick and just get it over with?  And if I could make the appointment to get the referral, wouldn’t I just use that time to have the consult?  What’s going on here?  What is happening to the medical system!  I am simply trying to get a procedure done I have had umpteen times, and keep getting told I need an appointment to book an appointment.  I have medical so it’s not the cost of the visit that bothers me, but what about those who don’t have medical coverage?  They have to pay each time they see the doctor, and the doctor gets paid each time they schedule an appointment!  Are you following me here!  It’s starting to become clear why it takes so long to see your doctor.  We are required to have two appointments when we really could do with one.  And so I ask “WHAT’S A GIRL GOTTA DO TO GET A PAP AROUND HERE?”

P.S ~ I faxed a letter to my doctors office expressing my concern with both the receptionist and the process that I have to go through to have a simple test done.  I have also talked with two women who work in doctors offices and both have assured me that this is not normal.  I don’t like to complain about much but sometimes it just needs to be done to create change.  I am hoping to get my questions answered, I will keep you posted! 

Update~ I was called by the New doctors office saying that my Dr. did send off a referal to them so that I can get my Pap test done in the New Year!!

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Crazy Sexy Cancer!

TracyI came across the story about Kris Carr while surfing the Internet looking for something inspiring to write about.  Kris Carr is more than inspiring, she gives hope to those fighting the battle against Cancer.

Crazy Sexy Cancer is an uplifting documentary about a young woman looking for a cure and finding her life.

In 2003, at the age of 31, Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer.  Weeks later her story began.  She took a tragic situation and turned it into a creative expression, Kris shared her inspirational story of survival with courage, strength, and lots of humor.

With experimental treatment as her only option, Kris was determined to find answers where there were none.  She traveled throughout the country interviewing experts in alternative medicine as she tenaciously dove head first into a fascinating and often hilarious holistic world.   Along the way she met other inspiring young women also determined to become survivors.  Their stories are as poignant and exciting as the women who tell them.  As Kris’s amazing journey unfolds, she realizes that healing is about truly living rather than fighting.

Crazy Sexy Cancer is more than a thought provoking film, it’s an attitude! It’s about rising to the challenge of life and turning lemons into champagne. is a supercharged health hub filled with compassion, knowledge, and an anything-is-possible spirit.  Their mission is to bring  together amazing resources and cutting edge experts in one easy to navigate hot spot.  Each time you visit you’ll be greeted by Kris’ latest blog or by one of her righteous Blog Posse members or guests.  This site is amazing for information on how to really live your life in the moment!



Imagine If You Can…

Bonnie Johnson's PostImagine if you can…you are a young person and you’ve fallen in love.  In every waking moment all you can think of is the person who has captured your heart.  Even your dreams are sweet scenes of passionate moments together.  Every thought is consumed by how much you want to be with them.

Imagine then, that you are lucky enough to marry this person.  You are only in your twenties and you have so much to learn about life and even about yourself.  You know passion intimately at this stage.  It is alive when you make love and also when arguments arise.  You begin to grow up together.  You have no choice.  You now have babies to love and raise together.

The next two decades have you side by side working to raise your children and carve out a comfortable life.  You both are working so hard that sometimes you forget to notice each other and then suddenly you stop what you are doing.  And you see them again like it’s the very first time.  Every cell of your being tingles with love and appreciation for this person.  The one.

Your children have moved on now.  Life slows down a little.  Together you marvel at how quickly those previous years flew by.  You slowly get reacquainted with each other and fall into comfortable patterns of routine.  You are best friends.  Words are not always necessary.  The love you share is solid.  Neither of you doubts the other in any way.

The years seem to accelerate now.  You have shared so much laughter and joy but there has been some terrible sadness too.  One of your children has passed away after a battle with cancer and it almost kills you too.  On the days you felt you couldn’t tread water any longer and you just wanted to stop moving and sink below the surface, your loves hand was under your head holding it up. You took turns then propping the other up.

Time goes on.  Many things change.  Your children’s children are now having children.  You live together in a small space because you realize it’s all you really need.  The days seem endless at times but then why does Christmas seem to come around faster every year?  Each of you has body parts that ache and some parts have even stopped working altogether.  You take turns complaining.  You are pretty sure your ailments are worse than theirs are, but you worry about them too. Your friends and relatives are dying regularly now.  It makes you stop and take stock of how far you’ve come and again, how grateful you are to have shared this journey with your love.

You have been married now for sixty eight years.  Sixty eight years!  You have been together almost everyday for all of those years.  The health of your partner has declined to the point that you cannot look after them by yourself any longer.  They are moved to a facility where doctors and nurses can care for them.  You are left alone.  They are left alone.  You each worry about the other one because you know they are so lonely and afraid.  You want to be the one to prop them up again.  You know how to be there for them better than anyone else.  The rules of the facility don’t allow you to be together though.  You both have to be equally and identically incapable before they can put you together.  When does that ever happen?

Imagine if you can…a full happy lifetime spent with your love but in the end you are not “allowed” to be together.  It’s against the rules.

It’s just not right.  Something is very wrong with our system and how we care for our elderly.

Bonniegrowing old together