Pro’s to Being Single ~ (part one)

Yesterday Melissa joined us as a Guest Blogger and shared her passion for photography along with some insight of who she captures in her beautiful photographs. I let out a *romantic sigh* after reading each vignette she shared. Thanks again Melissa!

Although we are not all searching for that romantic tale I think we all feel a warmth when we see photographs of those who have clearly found it. You never know for sure when or if that person is going to walk into your life. Are you ready for them to? Should you have to be? Does fate or destiny wait for us if we’re not?

We all know I love words and messages, words and romance are my passion. Words on a list can sometimes help you decide what to do. Since I was a child I have had a hard time choosing between two of…pretty much everything. So today I decided to use my words, to make a list, to visually see if I am ready to drip with passion for the male energy! What are you willing to give up for love?

Pro’s 🙂 to Being Single;

  • You don’t have to shave your legs, or wax…a saving of approx $500 bucks a month depending on how Yeti-ish you are…keep in mind that if you get into an accident, first responders are Firemen and Murphy’s Law would have it that they’d need to cut your pants off. Weigh that one carefully ladies! (guys, it doesn’t really cost $500 bucks!)
  • You can wear what-ever you want, when-ever you want, to where-ever you want, with whom-ever you want, for how-ever long you want, or simply stay home and walk around naked! (when kids aren’t home)
  • When you lock your door, it’s just you and the 4 walls that envelope your existence, peace and quiet! (with no kids)
  • You can crank the stereo with whatever music you choose for your interlude and loop one song all day long if you want! (until kids come home)
  • Your mess is your mess, the house is as you left it. (with no kids)
  • Never ever will the waft under the blankets be foreign. (thanks for that most important point Tannia) (unless a kids in the bed)
  • You can eat popcorn and jello cups for dinner. Quick and easy! (I feed my kids)
  • You get all the covers, pillows and can sleep on any side of the bed you want and there is a huuuuge cold spot waiting for your leg to stretch to in the middle of the night. I call that the sweet spot! (unless a kids in the bed)
  • You can talk on the phone until the wee hours of the morning with whom-ever you want, in flannels with a mud mask on. (saying of course you’re naked) (unless a kids in the bed)
  • Make-up, what make-up? (kids could care less)
  • F-r-e-e-d-o-mmmmmm…sing it with me! Plain and simple, no one to answer to but yourself! (kids don’t let me sing)
  • Do I want another Tattoo? Yup…done!

That’s obviously just a few Pro’s of being single coming from a woman (with kids) ask a man and I am sure we would get an entirely different selection…ask a married man/woman and yet even more!

I just reread my post and I think I need to get rid of the kids! 😉 I’m Kidd-ing!

Pro’s to Being Attached ;

  • Hmmmm…let me think? Ummmm…well? Sheesh…well all-righty then! I’m all outta time  so next week I will share some Pro’s to Being Attached…if I can come up with any?  😉

Don’t be shy…go ahead and add your Pro to the comments!