The Beach

Isn’t the beach a fun place to be!  There are certain areas of the beach that should be completely avoided if you’re looking for solitude or a quiet book read.  But if your like me and totally get off on people watching, smack dab in the center is where you want to plant yourself.  You just have to sit and they will come. Beach

The people, that is.   If you have more than a two foot radius around you it will inevitably be filled with someone similar to those you find yourself  beside on a long flight.  Those people LOVE me!   Forget the warm sun, sand, fresh air and water, bring me the people!  There’s a little something for everyone!

woman playing guitarI spent the day at the beach basking in the sun, watching the kids search for treasures and listening to several vignettes going on around me.  Here are a few I experienced first hand.

There was a blonde woman with a guitar who I could have listened to all day but she only strummed for a short while.  What a great instrument to take to the beach!

There were two French guys who balanced rocks and sticks to make the West Coast version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Loved what they contributed to their beach visit. Rock balancing

There were the loud talkers who annoyed just about the entire beach with their inane, meaningless conversations sitting right behind me.  I don’t remember hearing a pause the entire time they sat there.  For some reason they felt the need to do a play by play of what their kids were doing directly in front of them. “oh look he is picking up the shell, oh look he is touching the sand on the log, oh look he is looking at me looking at him“, confirmation to me of why you don’t marry your brother settle.  (I suppose some people are uncomfortable with silence)

Two pretty young girls showed up ready to meet singles.  I really have to agree with Denis Leary, skinny jeans are for skinny girls!  Why do young girls feel the need to wear jeans that are 7 sizes too small.  Sorry but I just don’t think this is being addressed enough because it’s everywhere I look.  I have always been fit but will admit I also know what it feels like to be a sausage in a casing that is too small on occasion.  It’s not comfortable!  Where does the message that is sent to their brain that this is painful get lost.  There has to be millions of them just floating around!  We all know it doesn’t feel good so it must be because they think it looks good?  Honestly if they wore the right size trousers they would look great!  Hmmmm…Maybe it’s that their shirt is just too short?

I saw a Mother of twins lose it.  By the time she got one ready to leave and lifted up over a log the other one wiggled away from her.   About two minutes into this cat and mouse game her switch flipped.  Her voice did that monster thing where it completely changed!  In slow motion, face slightly distorted, she did the unmentionable!!  She came unglued big time!  “Billleeeee commmmme heeeeeeere”.  You couldn’t help but stop what you were doing and look hoping to catch a glimpse of Ogopogo!  Billy had bolted for the ice-cream shop down the street! Bolting Billy

This poor Mom had absolutely no control right from the start.  I, being a seasoned pro of older children who NEVER did that EVER,  somehow found humor in the Monster voice.  I am embarrassed to say I never even looked up to see if she got hold of the twins because, well, because.  Not the right answer?  My kids never tried to bolt and if they had I would have done what worked with the dog and hid close by until they panicked and realized they, too, needed to know where I was.  Aha!  That’s why they stick so close 10 years later!  So yeah, I just couldn’t relate.  The woman’s husband was somewhere ( I think he bolted to get the car), I am sure he came back, but I am positive he look his sweet time.

The beach is all about the below average hamburger and fries, ice-cream and getting sand in your pink parts. It’s a package deal for me.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  I like all of these people deep down, otherwise I would sit down at the end where no one bothers to walk.



Which Reality Show Would You Do?

Jacquie’s Take~

I’m so glad it’s my turn to start the team post topic this week!  I don’t think my compadres would ever choose this subject so I’ve got them on the hot seat and they’re gonna have to do some serious head scratching since I’m the ‘reality junkie’!

Without a doubt, the show I would LOVE to get a spot on would be The Amazing Race!  And my partner would be my girlfriend Cheryl.  In fact, we’ve had it planned for years!  Our combined travel skills (she’s a cruise consultant and I had a compass surgically implanted in my hip socket) would make us an unbeatable duo if ever given the opportunity.  Unfortunately, the producers obviously fear us as they’ve made the show unavailable to Canadians to enter.

A few years back Cheryl and I did a Navigate the Streets event in support of the Make~a~Wish foundation in Vancouver.  We sucked air big time!  We suffered a humiliating loss at the end with a fatal mistake.  We were allowed to ‘phone a friend’ for help and sadly we mistook Carroll St for Haro St through the static on the cell.  Yup, not too good if you know how far apart these drags are downtown!  It was sooo  much fun, though!

Last person I would do the Amazing Race with would be my husband, Gavin, and he knows why (“cough” Vegas trip).  Oh, I would go to the ends of the earth with him just not with a time limit and a camera crew tracking every move! Nobody wants to see that train wreck in the making.   I’d be signing up for Trading Spouses next.

Your turn Tracy.  Canada’s Next Top Model?   Have you even ever watched any reality TV?


Tracy’s 2 cents~

Indeed I have Jacquie!  I did watch the Amazing Race but only the season Rob & Amber from Survivor were on.  I tuned in because I saw the two of them take over Survivor when they became a couple right in front of our eyes.  Romance gets me every time!

I knew they would be a fantastic team and, although they didn’t win the entire show, they won quite a few legs of the race.  Amber was a strong, confident, naturally beautiful woman and Boston Rob was a very charismatic, smart guy with that great accent!  I’ve watched Survivor up until this year.  I am not sure why I’ve tuned out, but I think it’s because I have too many books I NEED to read.

I am waiting for the reality show that involves being stranded on the Beach!  I would need more time to find the point to it, but at this moment I’m not sure I need one or that there is one!   My luxury item would be Nair!  If you’re looking for a show that really exists it would be L.A. INK

Bonnie what show would you do?  So You Think You Can Dance ?  You’ve got the moves!  I’ve seen them !!


Bonnie weighs in~

Ok, I’ll bite but I think you know I’m not a fan of “reality” TV.  It was fun when it all first began because I believed most of it then.  I’ve since become very cynical.  The first show I was glued to the TV watching was one where the guy chose a stranger to marry and then went through with it right on national television.  It was like watching a car accident; I wanted to look away but I couldn’t.

I was intrigued by Survivor for the first two or three seasons but lost interest.  I hate watching people bicker and connive against each other.  Fear factor, The Amazing Race, and The Apprentice all had me for awhile, and American Idol can suck me in if I’m not careful.  The trouble with all of these is that they’ve been done over and over again.  Even American Idol is just the same characters but different cast now.  You are right Tracy, I enjoy watching some of the dance reality shows because those people have some real talent…and I’m not referring to Dancing with the Stars here.

When I turn on the television these days what I truly miss is a really funny well written sitcom.  Remember when Seinfeld was brand new, or Friends or Sex and the City?

I don’t want to watch every day people doing ridiculous things anymore and I don’t want to be told it’s “reality” when I know damn well it’s mostly scripted and fully edited.   What’s happened to all of the clever writers in Hollywood?  Did they get lazy or is it Joe Public who has put them out of work because of this new obsession for “reality” tv?

But I haven’t really answered your question…Which reality show would I do?  None, I’d rather go along living my reality without a camera in my face thank you.