Ellen ‘was’ on The Bachelor

Hi Everyone!

I have to admit I watched (notice past-tense) the Bachelor…ya I know, I say that sheepishly. It was reallllly about sitting on the couch with Carri sipping tea and eating cheese cake or some other fattening decadent desert. It is our excuse to get a girlfriends giggle on with each other. We sit and catch up from our weekend and gab for a couple of hours about life and love…mostly love but life comes in now and then. Carri is the funniest person to watch anything with, we laugh until we are both crying every single time we get together! I find her sense of humour hilarious! ….and then I got a real-job that scheduled me Monday nights…”WTF” we both said out loud when we saw my schedule! I had to give up Monday nights which kinda pissed me off at first, but life and real jobs have a way of doing that…I found this video which made me laugh because when Carri and I watch the Bachelor we narrate the entire show and basically make fun of the entire process…as does Ellen in this clip…enjoy!

This pretty much sums up the show! Oh and he ‘picked’ Courtney…and then in Bachelor tradition dumped to her pick her again! I didn’t watch but just read a recap of the show…I’m sure they will live happily every after…or at least have a Happy Ending and then join us all back in reality…not even I can weave a romantic tale here I am afraid.

Happy Tuesday thought! lol

Hope you all laughed…I did 😉