Embracing Who You Are ~


I have a lot going on in my life at the moment so the word change is ringing in my ears LOUD once again! Change is good…right? Closing one door to open another. I have been unfocused walking in a daze for a while. Can you say Monkey Brain! Nothing I can’t handle just lots of stuff happening at once.

Bonnie posted about The 3 A’s of Awesome last Sunday for our Svaha Spirit Series and although I didn’t watch the TEDtalk on Sunday it changed the way I viewed my life the moment I did. You NEED to watch it! I guarantee you will look at YOUR life with new awareness! Attitude, Awareness and Authenticity! Three very powerful words indeed!

I have been contemplating changing the way I write here on Tara Cronica for the last month or so. I have been wondering if I want to put myself out there anymore. I have shared myself extensively for the last 4 years. Although change seems to be coming at me in all directions, I think I just have to embrace the me I know and love. I am aware, I have a great attitude (99% of the time) and as far as I know I’m pretty darn authentic. I am occasionally unfocused, too passionate, lack patience, a little stubborn and think wayyyyyyyy too much about things I have no control over. I don’t always take my own advice but hey I’m human!

When I think of all the awesomeness my life has in it, none of the obstacles that were making me feel this way seem to matter as much! Awesome is right! It’s really all about perspective. I think we sometimes need to go deep in order to go home. I have gone to the depths I’m slightly uncomfortable with and have safely arrived back to the surface.

I have decided to embrace me for who I am which includes the questionable bits! I clearly have some work to do, but don’t we all? I like who I am for the most part and I love me. I question who I am and what I’m doing just like everyone else. When I do wander down this path there are a few things that help.

  • I take a deep breath.
  • Spray Rescue Remedy under my tongue.
  • Go for a run.
  • Listen to music.
  • Share with my incredible team of support.

My Mom has amazing advice 🙂 Bonnie calms my soul, The Chicksters are there every week no-matter what listening and giving their perspective, Carri makes EVERYTHING funny even when it shouldn’t be, Scott gives me the male perspective, You inspire me to write with your comments and continued support and all is well again. There is no judging, only understanding, listening and support! I love you all!

I am who I am and why I questioned it in the first place is a mystery! Embrace the quirky in you, it is what makes you unique.

Life is meant to be shared, not only with others but who you are. A friend of mine reminded me how important it is to just enjoy who I am right now. He said “You have less tomorrows than you do yesterdays” (thanks P.D)

So lets get this party started shall we!


Stop Saying That

I don’t know what it is about people and phrases.  I include myself in this rant by the way. We hear a word or phrase used once, think it sounds clever or cute and then use the same word or phrase to death! Can we all just stop saying these things?!

Here are the ones that stand out and annoy me the most at this time:

  • That said
  • Lol
  • Seriously? Seriously.
  • You know what I’m sayin’?
  • Just so ya know
  • No problem
  • Awesome
  • How good was ___?”
  • Amazing

That said    An awkward abbreviation of “That being said” or “Having said that”.  Fine, but everyone is suddenly using this all the time. Whenever I hear this phrase, in my mind I hear that annoying beep beep beep sound that trucks make when they are backing up because I know that the person using the phrase is going to back up and take a different approach. They are changing lanes away from the first point they were making and going in a completely different direction. Ugh.

LOL    Well I tried to persuade as many of you as I could to relax on using this waaaay over used acronym when I wrote the post Did You Really Laugh Out Loud?  Instead many of you thought it even funnier to ramp up the use of it when texting or emailing me.  I’ll be honest; I’m not laughing out loud – just cringing.

Seriously?    This used to be a handy word when you truly weren’t sure if someone was serious or not, but these days it is so over used that people (read: me) even say it to themselves when they look in the mirror and realize their hair looks awful.  Once upon a time if someone wasn’t sure if you were joking they would ask “are you serious?” and that often was shortened to “seriously?” but now you hear it thrown at everything from a comment somebody disagrees with to observing a fashion faux pas.  When are we going to stop over using this word? Seriously!

You know what I’m sayin’    Yes, I know what you are saying. You are not saying anything really complicated, trust me, and if I didn’t know what you were saying I would stop you and ask you to explain yourself better. So you don’t need to ask me after every sentence that you utter.  Seriously! (Oops)

Just so you know   Usually said in a sarcastic way after telling someone something that they probably already know, or as Urban Dictionary explains it:

A phrase tacked on to the end of a statement to imply that the information being given is simply a courtesy, when in reality there are specific expectations of you now that you have this information.

What Danielle says to guy she’s been seeing: Oh, hey I deactivated my profile on the dating website, just so you know.
What Danielle REALLY means: You better take your dang profile off the dating website too….NOW!!!!

No Problem    This one is very sad to me.  Somehow people have dropped using the very polite “you’re welcome” and instead toss out a casual “no problem” after being thanked for something.  It may be appropriate in some cases where you want to relay the fact that it really wasn’t a problem to, let’s say, switch appointments or something similar, but when the teenage cashier lazily pushes your change towards you and almost inaudibly says “no problem” or worse, “no prob” after you’ve said thank you, don’t you want to challenge them on it.  “Are you sure it wasn’t a problem for you to give me back the change I was owed? Because it seemed to me like it took an incredible amount of effort on your part.”  Good thing I don’t expect them to actually count out my change and place it in my open palm anymore.

Awesome    It means inspiring awe.  You cannot tell me that everything you see inspires awe. So unless you are Neil Pasricha and wrote The Book of Awesome, please stop saying everything you do, say, or see is awesome.  I will admit that I love to use it sarcastically.  For example, if I’m in a hurry and get trapped in bumper to bumper traffic, I’ve been known to utter “awesome”.

How good was ____?    Here’s a better question: Are people afraid to make statements these days?  Why not just say, “That banana split was delicious”, or “I really enjoyed the movie”.  Has everyone lost the ability to make a declaration? It’s as if no one is confident enough to just say they like something without asking someone else “how” good it was first.

Amazing    This one topped the Lake Superior State University 2012 List of Banished Words list and here are some comments from those that nominated it:

“Every talk show uses this word at least two times every five minutes. Hair is not ‘amazing.’ Shoes are not ‘amazing.’ There are any number of adjectives that are far more descriptive. I saw Martha Stewart use the word ‘amazing’ six times in the first five minutes of her television show. Help!” Martha Waszak, Lansing, Mich.

“Banish it for blatant overuse and incorrect use…to stop my head from exploding.” Paul Crutchfield, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

“The word which once aptly described the process of birth is now used to describe such trivial things as toast, or the color of a shirt.” JP, Comox, British Columbia, Canada

Anderson Cooper used it three times recently in the opening 45 seconds of his program. My teeth grate, my hackles rise and even my dog is getting annoyed at this senseless overuse. I don’t even like ‘Amazing Grace’ anymore. Sarah Howley, Kalamazoo, Michigan

When people from Comox, BC to Kalamazoo, Michigan have had enough then maybe it’s time to retire the word “amazing” for awhile.  Just sayin’ (Ooo that’s another one that should be on this list – next time.)

That said, I hope you LOL while reading this.  Seriously. You know what I’m saying? Just so you know, it was no problem writing this awesome list.  I mean, how good is this list?


Svaha Spirit Series ~ People Are Awesome!

People really are awesome, some even extraordinary! Some people are just born fearless, they don’t know how NOT to push the limits or boundaries that are all around them. Maybe it’s just that their boundaries aren’t elastic but that they are so far away they don’t even see them?

There seems to be a fine line between fearless and stupid though, I am not a fan of anything Jack-Ass-ish and even for me this is right on the edge. I can’t help but think of the training process to get to this point. I think you have to agree though that these individuals have courage! Watch this and you will see what I am talking about! Enjoy ~


The Book of Awesome

We featured “The Book of Awesome” in our newsletter last month but I really wanted to share some of it with all of you in a post as well.  I bought my son a copy of the book for his birthday recently, and I bought one for myself as well.  I can’t resist doing the “one for him and one for me” thing still, just like I used to with his peaches Gerber baby food all those years ago.  Mmm, that stuff is so good.

Anyhoo, the book is based on author Neil Pasricha’s very popular blog 1000awesomethings.com.

The Book of Awesome is filled with smile-inducing moments on every page that makes you feel like a kid looking at the world for the first time. Read it and you’ll remember all the things there are to feel good about. With touching, warm, and funny observations, each entry ends with the big booming feeling you’ll get when you read through them: AWESOME!
Source: cover flap

As I was reading this inspiring book I found myself remembering some of my own “awesome!” moments.  I’ll share one that came to mind as I sat in my backyard the other day.

You are gardening, or hiking, or walking in nature somewhere and you suddenly feel something drop in your hair.  You can’t see what it is but you are pretty sure that it must be a very large, creepy, hairy-legged spider judging by the weight of it and by the way your hair is standing on end as a wave of eeby jeeby’s washes all over you.  You start doing the “get it off me!!!” dance, shaking your head violently and slapping your hair as you leap around.  Then you see the culprit fall to the ground.  You gingerly go in for a closer look and discover…a small pine cone. It wasn’t a giant arachnid after all.  It was only an innocent little pine cone.  Major sigh of relief! AWESOME!

I have another similar story involving a cockroach, a night of paranoia (don’t ask) and a very close friend whose name I will omit (but you all know her) and how said friend locked herself in the bathroom rather than “get it off me”.  Ah, but I’ll save that story for another time.

Ok, here are a couple of short examples straight from The Book of Awesome:

The smell of the coffee aisle in the grocery store

Harsh florescent lighting, slushy wet floors, and the cloudy stench of raw fish welcome you into your friendly neighbourhood grocery store.  After circling tables of green bananas, wobbly paper towel towers, and piles of day-old bagels, it’s kind of nice to stumble upon the coffee aisle and just take a big sniff.

Finally remembering a word that’s been on the tip of your tongue for so long

It’s like throwing a pail of water on all your smoking inner head parts.  Gears unjam, lines  start rolling, and  you settle back in the restaurant booth with a satisfied smile on your face and just blurt it out.
“Parcheesi, that’s what it was called.”

One more of my own:

Reading The Book of Awesome.  AWESOME!