Exploring Male Energy

When you meet someone new it takes time to get to know who they are deep inside. Once you get past the surface layer and start to explore, the real unfolding begins. Social profiling happens naturally, giving us a clue into who someone is inside. Does he drive a Hummer, Smart Car or Hot Rod? Does he live in the City or out in the Burbs? What does he do for a living, Artist, Accountant, Fireman? What you see on the outside is not always what is on the inside. You need to dig deeper.

What someone spends their day doing can be a reflection of what interests them, sometimes, but we don’t all find ourselves immersed in our passion as a way of making a living. What matters is that we have passion somewhere within our day. Each individual soul placed on earth is here for their journey following their path. We are drawn to certain people for many different reasons. I like to think everyone has something to teach me whether it be a little or large lesson, I am open.

Our heart is what’s most important. Finding out what make it beat is the fun part. What feeds his soul? Where does he find inspiration? What does he aspire to do when he grows up? ūüėČ What is he doing to make a difference in the world? What makes his blood boil? What makes his heart race? What brings him to the point of no return? What brings him to his knees? What topic of conversation intrigues his intellect? What are his religious beliefs? What makes him giggle? What scares him? What part of the woman’s body does he find most erotic? Where are his erogenous zones? What was his most embarrassing moment? Has his heart been broken? Those are questions that are on my mind when I meet someone new. They don’t need to be answered right away but they are floating in the back of my subconscious.

It takes time for our true colours to shine. Everyone has had a struggle here or there, I view those moments as an opportunity for character building. Isn’t it more important how someone deals with less favourable situations than the perfect ones? We all make choices in life to where we are going, some earlier than others. Does it matter what we do as much as how we do it? Have we lost the desire to find out what really matters because we lack the time and energy to do so? Do we have the patience anymore to take the time to get to know someone, I mean really know someone!

Before you start to explore the male energy write down what it is you want his energy to radiate. Here are a few things on my wish list…care to add what’s on yours?

Passion, intellectually stimulating, sensual, romantic, sense of humour, spiritual, healthy, creative, unselfish, confident, affectionate, loves children, loves to travel, compassionate, inner strength, sexual compatibility, chemistry, loves life, strong moral values, integrity, loves nature!

Time and patience is the only true way to find out what is deep beneath the surface.


Young Man, Older Woman ~

If I’m writing about it I must be living it…right? Not always true but I will admit there is always some truth in what I write. I’ve been known to stir a few pots in my time. Sooooo, keeping all that in mind lets get into it.

Ladies, has it ever been a fantasy of yours to be with a much younger man? Many woman dream of this scenario, as do many young men so I’ve been told. If the two can find one another I imagine it could be quite the encounter.

I look at the whole male energy not just the age. I decided a couple of years ago I was going to experience those who came into my life for who they are, however long they decide to stay regardless of age. I have no expectations of what anything should or should not be in regard to relationships. I refuse to slot anyone because of their age, young or older. Basically, I have no plan.

It’s really all about what your intention is. I have girlfriends who are completely turned on by the younger male energy and those who are equally turned on by the older male energy. Age is just a number and is a general guide as to where someone is in life. There is always an exception to every rule.

I’ve met quite a few younger men over the last couple of years, not sure why but I suppose it could be my age, or simply the energy I put out or just the fact that I’m a flirt. It’s the look behind a mans eyes that initially draws me to him not his age.¬†Not all younger guys are just looking for a¬†quick¬†romp with a more experienced woman. I think the younger men who are not just looking for the older woman fantasy are attracted to a womans attitude and confidence not their age.¬†Younger woman in general don’t seem to be as secure in their own skin which is a shame. I remember feeling like that in my 20’s. I am much more comfortable in the skin I’m in now. Older women generally know what they like, who they are, where they are going and are not afraid to enjoy life and EAT!

A couple of weeks ago I went to a local pub with two girlfriends Sandi and¬†Tannia. There just so happened to be a 10 year grad-reunion taking place that night, ya I know, couldn’t have planned that better…I mean how annoying is that! lol¬†The pub was FULL of 28 year¬†olds, and this post was in the draft file. I had to go in…for research! We walked in the door and said¬†“Crap, a bunch of young hot flirty guys, we really should go somewhere else!”¬†We tried to leave but we got all disoriented and couldn’t find the way out…”look something shiny.” There may have been girls there too I can’t remember. You could have called it a cougar buffet. (not that any of us are) Nothing wrong with some good clean fun at the pub, if you’re into that sort of thing. On a serious note we met a few really great guys who entertained us with their wit and charm and have become friends.

I will also go on record right now with saying it has¬†never¬†been a fantasy of mine to be with a much younger man. I have girlfriends who are 25 and 65 and see no reason why I can’t hang out with a young guy who is¬†athletic¬†authentic. No harm no foul! I like being called dude, it’s kinda cute. I do prefer the sound of a low sexy male voice calling me babe, but that’s just me. ūüôā

So to conclude this post I will say for me, personally it’s about the guy, not his age. Age for me has absolutely nothing to do with who I chose to spend my time with intimately or otherwise…so if you see me out with a young guy whose half my age plus 7 or a ridiculously handsome sexy older man (wayyyy more likely), you will know without a doubt he has intrigued me with more than his birth year! It’s simply not¬†every¬†older woman’s fantasy to be with a much younger man. Not that theres anything wrong with it! My advice…if you have to hide something you’re doing you probably shouldn’t be doing¬†him¬†it!





In One Word…

tracy-pic3If you could describe each family members in one word what would it be? I decided to play this word game while on a short road trip with my family to see what we would come up. I asked each person to choose one word to describe the others. ¬†Instantly without even a pause my 8 year old daughter piped up and said, “I got one”. ¬†I told her she needed to think about it a little bit longer lol ! Looking back I wished I had asked to hear the word she chose without hesitation. As we drove I could tell each one of us was contemplating which word described the others. Here is how it all turned out~

My son was said to be athletic by his sister, intelligent by me and spontaneous by his dad. My sons beautiful big brown eyes lit up as he smiled when each of us said what we personally thought of him, athletic, spontaneous and intelligent. FANTASTIC !

My daughter was described as being unique by her brother, caring by her dad and compassionate by me which made her shine. Her face looked like it was her birthday for the rest of the car ride knowing she was described as unique, caring and compassionate.

Scott was described by my son as being helpful, he was fun as far as my daughter was concerned and the word that I chose was honest. What a great feeling to be thought of as helpful, fun and honest!

And last but not least I was said to be inspiring by my son, amazing by my daughter and loving by Scott. Now if that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside AND put a smile on your face that shines right through from your heart I don’t know what will!

As we drove the rest of the way you could tell we had all bonded a little bit more from a simple word game. You really should try it, it changed our attitudes for the rest of the day!!

Tracy signiture


I can Huli…can you?

bon-w_lifejacket-bwI’m excited about a new discovery I just made and I have to share it with you.

Outrigger canoe paddling!

My friend, Lozz, has been paddling for years and often mentioned that I should give it a try.¬† So recently I took her up on it.¬† Trouble is I’m a weak swimmer so any type of water sport has always made me a little uneasy.¬† I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a go.¬† Speaking of wind, my first try at this happened to be a windy evening and Okanagan Lake was pretty choppy but the sun was shining so I was willing.Lozz

I was relieved to know I wasn’t the only newbie that night.¬† There was an athletic looking guy that was new too.¬† Hmm…athletic.¬† As we carried the six seat outriggers to the water I was trying to size everyone up.¬† Yep, most looked pretty athletic.¬† “Dear God” I thought “what have I gotten myself into?” Life jacket on, oar in hand and sitting in the canoe is too late to start having second thoughts.¬† Crap!

Lozz sat behind me and was calling out instructions and tips whenever she had the time but she was also the steersman and was busy with the rough water and keeping us upright and going in the right direction.¬† We paddled 15 strokes on one side and then 15 strokes on the other…constantly…for about an hour.¬† If you want a break to drink some water you have to call your seat number out so everyone knows you are out for a minute.¬† Well, I didn’t want to appear weak and I wanted to¬† paddle my share so I only went out once or twice to guzzle my water.¬† Nobody else took many breaks because it was just too rough to stop paddling apparently.¬† Wow, this is real work!¬† My arms and core were burning by the end of it but I have to admit I felt a thrill when the canoe gained speed and I loved the rhythm of the paddling.¬† It was almost meditative.

The evening paddle was a success! I really enjoyed myself and I decided to do it again on Sunday and this time I’d bring my husband along.

Sunday morning we arrived at the Vernon Racing Canoe Club house and signed our lives away waivers.¬† It was sunny and hot on this last day of May.¬† This time I wasn’t the only newbie in my canoe.¬† It was a canoe of newbies except the steersman and the 1st seat person.¬† No problem.¬† The lake was really calm.¬† We had a brief lesson and then set out.¬† The first thing I noticed was that the pace was much slower than my first try.¬† Then the steersman allowed us to stop and have a break.¬† He discussed some paddling tips and everyone chit chatted.¬† Then we paddled for a bit and then stopped for another break.¬† Nice.¬† I was beginning to get a good feel for paddling and I was really enjoying myself when suddenly…the outrigger arm started to come up out of the water…and faster than you can say “aloha kakahiaka” we were flipped over and in the frigid water.¬† I’m talking take-your-breath-away and get-me-outta-here-fast cold.¬† After a head count we all worked as quickly as possible to get the canoe upright again.¬† When enough water was bailed out we were able to hop back in again.¬† I use the word hop loosely.¬† It is not that easy to hoist your numb trunk and limbs up and over a canoe, but we succeeded and managed to have some good laughs in the process.¬† I think it was my husbands favourite part.¬† When you flip one of these outriggers it is called a “Huli”.¬† In Hawaiian, the word “huli” means to turn over.¬† So I survived a huli and learned a little Hawaiian all in the same day.

I don’t plan on dipping into the lake again for a few more weeks.¬† It has to warm up considerably before I go for another swim.¬†¬† But you never know…I’m getting back in the saddle or in this case the outrigger, tonight.¬† Wish me luck!