It’s Your Choice…if you can make it.

I was talking to a male friend of mine the other night about a number of different topics and something he said stayed with me. “Failure for me is not an option”. He doesn’t see anything ending in failure. He doesn’t allow himself to even go there visually. What a great attitude to have. There is no point in starting anything if you already see yourself failing at it. A positive attitude and hard work ethic is the key to success in life as far as I am concerned.

What ever you set out in life to do there will always be someone who is better. Not being the best doesn’t mean you failed. Just doing it is a part of succeeding. If you want to be the best you have to put in more than everyone else. Athletes are the perfect example of those who naturally visualize being the best. Competitive by nature they are born with the drive to win. We can all learn from those who are the best at what they do. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to achieve that title. If at first you do not succeed…try try again!

If what you are doing makes you unhappy each day at some point don’t you ask yourself why you’re doing it? Doesn’t it makes sense to create change instead of just going through the motions! It’s not always easy but nothing really worth while ever is. Sometimes baby steps are all we need to push us in the right direction.

There are also those who don’t need or strive to be the best. They enjoy their life regardless of what they do or where they fit in. It’s not always easy to reach for your goals or dreams. Sometimes life, responsibilities and obligations get in between our dreams and reality. As long as you wake up each day loving life, giving back and being a positive influence you are inspiring those around you. Have you ever met someone who makes you want to be a better person, that’s what I’m talking about. We all have our role in life and as long as whatever you do you do your personal best we all benefit in a positive way. I’ve tried to teach both my kids that it’s not what you do that matters as much as how well you do it. “If you can’t be good, be good at it” has come out of my mouth on more than one occasion. Attitude, hard work, enthusiasm and passion can change everything. And don’t forget to smile, they’re contagious! 🙂

We make choices every single day. Some we need to think about in great depth and some feel right as soon as the thought crosses our mind. In the end a choice is made in order to move forward. Choices are part of life. We can choose to work towards a goal or dreams or we can let our life unfold in front of us making choices along the way. Sometimes it is not us who makes the choice that changes our direction in life.

Life is ever changing, you never really know your path until you are walking it, and still then it’s not always your choice that changes its direction, most important is to just keep going! Tracy ~

Some of us know exactly what we want to do at an early age. A goal is set and steps are made to achieve it. Others take their time and change their path several times before they find what they are seeking. Believe me I know how hard choices can be. Since I was a very little girl I remember the struggle I had with choice. If I was given more than one I had such a difficult time deciding. Thankfully as we age we become much better at making choices. Life experience, wisdom and knowing who you are seems to help. I find too many thing in life interesting and worth exploring to be pressured to pick just one. I am working on it. 🙂 If I could just decide what I wanted…I’m certain I would get it! Oh and eenie meenie minie mo rarely works! lol



During the winter games I was fascinated to watch the faces of the athletes moments before their event.

I loved it when the camera would focus on their face just before they began their race or event.  The look in their eyes was pure determination for some, but for others I saw fear and the flicker of uncertainty.  I saw many of them close their eyes and I could tell they were seeing their performance and visualizing its success.

If you’ve seen the movie The Secret then you probably remember the story John Assaraf told of creating a vision board with pictures of a house he dreamed of owning.  His young son found the poster he used to visualize with after it had been stored away for years and after the family had moved into the very house John had seen himself owning all those years before.  After that movie came out people all over the world began creating vision boards.  Some have had great success while others haven’t had any results at all.  So does visualization really work?

I think it depends very much on the intent behind the visualizing.  Here is my story of successful visualization.

I had just turned twenty one years old and was working as a travel agent part time, a waitress at Earls a few days a week and waitressing at a local night club on weekend nights.  It was not the life I had hoped to be living.  I felt depressed, really depressed actually.  I thought I’d see a therapist to help pull me out of my funk but somehow ended up visiting a hypnotherapist instead.  I was a little skeptical but went with it.  He had me go into a deep relaxation by following my breath in and out, in and out. Over the time that I saw him he would ask me to visualize what I wanted to be doing with my life.

I really wanted to be a flight attendant with CP Air. “See yourself doing the job, wearing the uniform, what does it feel like, smell like? How do you feel while you are working?” He would prompt these visualizations for me each time I visited and sent me home with the taped sessions for me to do later as well.  I enjoyed the feeling of deep relaxation when I did these sessions.  My funk lifted.  I started feeling better.  I carried on with my three jobs.  I didn’t have a plan but every time I visualized I felt more into the dream. It began to feel real.

Three weeks after I first saw the hypnotherapist I was serving a group of men their lunch at Earls.  One of the men remarked that I’d make a great flight attendant.  “Funny you should say that” I said.  I told them it was a dream I had but I wasn’t sure how to break into the career.  It turns out they all worked for CP Air and knew exactly who I should speak to about getting a job.  They told me they were about to start hiring so I needed to get my resume in right away.  I did and I had the job soon after.

Three weeks was all it took but my intention was strong.  I’ve never doubted the power of visualization since.

I’ve been busy lately and haven’t taken the time for myself to do things I know I need to do to get back on track and find my balance.  I had to laugh when I received my daily email from recently.  (TUT stands for Totally Unique Thoughts)

Bonnie, I think you’re amazing. I think your approach to life is dead-on. And I can’t think of anything you’ve ever done that I wouldn’t have done had I been in your shoes.

Still, beloved, I think we could have a little chat about visualizing more often. Seeing the end result in all its glorious detail, bypassing the cursed-hows, and feeling the emotions you expect to feel.

Hey, it’s my life too.

The Universe

Thanks, I needed that reminder!


Svaha Spirit Series ~Follow Your Dreams~


Olympic athlete (The Luge) Ruben Gonzalez is in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame.  After watching this video and surfing through his website, I can see why.  His website is incredibly motivational!  Ruben is training for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  When he completes in Vancouver, at the age of 47, he will become the first person EVER to compete in four Winter Olympics in four different decades.  I love these kinds of  stories leading up to the Olympic venues!

Tracy signiture


Peer Pressure

peer pressureSchools Back and with that comes Peer Pressure!  When I think about the youth of the world I can’t help but think of those two words.

I was at a local track meet before summer and was inspired watching the athletes compete.  The look on their faces when they approached the finish line was what I enjoyed the most.  Such determination in each one of them.  All their hard work and discipline paid off.

During the track meet a group of 50-60 kids from the local high school walked across the field like they owned it while events were taking place. They headed for center field like it was their arena they were denied.  As they passed by all the parents, we heard them saying how excited they were to have come to watch a fight.  The mob quickly circled around a couple of guys who were about to be center stage when the principal and another teacher quickly diffused the situation.  Kudos’ to both of them for taking charge of such an enormous group of kids.  Unfortunately sometimes there is not always an adult near by to stop this kind of potential life changing mistake.  Young guys get all fired up and can’t control their hormones, they get lost in the moment, and because of peer pressure they lose complete control.

Some kids just haven’t got the confidence to make choices that will prevent the pressure from getting the better of them.  This lack of confidence can lead them into a compromising situation that they are not equipped to deal with, which could potentially change their life.

I think peer pressure is the underlying reason for most altercations between young guys or boys.  I believe fighting should be for one purpose and one purpose only, self defense.  My Dad trained for years in Kyokushin Karate (full contact karate), Scott achieved his Black belt through discipline and hard work and Bonnie and I trained in kickboxing together for several years, so I have a long history of being around controlled sparring.  Confidence is a very empowering feeling.  At some point in your life you may need to fight, it’s important to know how to protect yourself, but fighting today is not what it used to be.  The fight you participate in today may be the end of your life two weeks later because of retaliation.

Why has it become acceptable to stand by and watch?  If no one watched, the behavior would simply not happen.  My Dad gave me advice as a teen that always stayed with me, even today.  “If you are ever somewhere you don’t want to be, or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, leave!” It’s basically another way to use your voice. Walking away makes a statement too.

I think as parents we need to take some responsibility in the actions of our kids.  We need to know where are kids are and who they spend time with.  They need to know that they matter and that they can talk to us about absolutely anything.  Communication is key in keeping our kids safe and out of harms way.  Sometimes we let our kids down when they really need us.  We are there for them throughout elementary school but just drop them at the doors of high school and assume they don’t need us anymore, when in fact they need us even more.  We need to be there for our kids especially when they are trying to find their place in life.

If you would like more information on how to deal with peer pressure visit the link below.

Dealing with Peer PressureTracy


Just do it!

Tracy It’s so basic and simple isn’t it, write the letter, send the email, make the call, take the test, propose, get the tattoo, go for your run, lose 10 lbs, profess your love…

Just do it ~Nike.

I’ve heard a lot of chatter lately about what friends ‘want to do’ and what they ‘actually do’. There are those who ‘ Just do it’ and there are those who watch others ‘Just do it’.  It’s not that difficult to be the one doing it.  I have friends who ask me regularly how do I get motivated to run 5 days a week?  I am not always motivated but I put on my shoes and walk out the door and do it!  It’s that easy with anything you want to do, if you really wanted to do it, you would be.  So Quit complaining about it and Just do it !

What’s holding you back?

Another Great Nike Ad~ enjoy!

Okay, one more I couldn’t resist Michael Jordan’s “Failure Ad” ~

So if Michael Jordan can fail and be known as a success what are we all waiting for!