Stargate Universe Airs Tonight @ 9pm !!!

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Tonight’s the night we have all been waiting for !! Stargate Universe has arrived! The third Stargate TV Series following Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis from the creators Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright.  I attended the Stargate Universe screening on Saturday at the Rio Theatre, it was Outstanding! The cast and crew were in the house!  You’re in for a treat!  Congratulations to every single person who worked on the show, your hard work paid off!  It was great to see familiar faces that go back to the original series Stargate SG1.  Andy Mikita you Rock Baby!!  I miss you guys!  The show feels different, it’s edgy, sexy and because it’s new there is so much to sink our Sci-fi teeth into.  I love that the cast is completely fresh,  but it was also nice to see Rick Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Gary Jones make an appearance.  You can’t help but feel inspired being in a room full of creative, artsy, talented individuals.  Talent in every single department! Stargate Universe Cast

I spoke with a few members of the cast and saw a few from afar after the show and this was my first impression.  David Blue~  funny in and out of the show, Jamil Walker Smith~unpredictable in the show, very humble in person, Brian J Smith~ strong character, very handsome, Alaina Huffman~ more beautiful in person, loved her character, Ming-na~ very petite, polite and has beautiful kids, Elyse Levesque~ legs that go forever.  I thought it was really fun to see ‘Scott Wellenbrink’ on the screen too, your hard work showed and your construction crew did an incredible job building everything we saw!!  Way to go everyone !

If you need a guide to explore “Stargate” the book below looks like a winner!  Enjoy!

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Transferable Skills

After Bonnie posted that ohhh so yummy article,  A “Shout Out” to the Hard Workin Men, it made me start to think of what attracts me to a job.

I would have to say it’s the people.  I have had many different jobs in my 30 years of employment and it’s not always been about what I did, but who I did it with.  Here are a few samples of the people I got to work next to.  Landscapers ~ nature lovers that are not afraid of getting dirty or hard work.  Actresses ~ a quirky bunch that all dance to the  beat of their own drum.  Models~ equal pretty friends which attract cute guys…no brainer (I was young)  Stand-ins~ otherwise know as ‘second team’ training to be ‘first team’.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve called this post ‘transferable skills’.  Well, let me tell you.  A great friend of mine, Barry Peters (awesome wardrobe guy in the film industry) and I were getting super silly on set one night, having been in the same room with the same air for 12 hours straight, and so we started to think  about what we would do if our jobs suddenly came to an end.  I was ‘standing in’ and he was ‘on set wardrobe’.  A stand-in takes the place of the actor, child or dog for lighting purposes, while the real talent goes to hair, make-up, craft services, or if they just don’t feel like coming out of their warm trailers.  Barry and I started to think of what we would transfer from our jobs into the real world.

Let’s see… I could hold a pose or win a staring contest hands down or walk up to a ‘T’ tape mark on the floor without looking down and come within an inch of hitting it.  I could recreate an entire scene, with or without lines (maybe not as well as the actress hired, but hey, you get what you pay for).  I could  photo double someone.  (For what, you ask?  I’m not sure, either, but I got paid really well to do it in the movies!)  But best of all I could be really really quiet in a room full of people making funny faces at me!  Put that into your computer base and see what job pops out!

Perfect match !!!! Photo doubles make up test

Barry’s transferable skills were primping and dressing someone if they needed his help.  He could suggest outfit combinations, futz with collars and tuck in tags (we’ve all been there before!) and he was exceptionally good with a lint brush ~ and soooo fast!


Barry and our film set family had a lot of laughs out loud (when they weren’t rolling) so you see, although I didn’t have any real transferable skills it was the people who attracted me to the job, not the ridiculously large pay cheque that I got for doing absolutely nothing! (that’s a joke)

What I look for in a job is pretty basic.  Great people who love what they do!  I think there are certain jobs that you can take anywhere hence ‘transferable skills’  ie: Construction worker, Artist, Musician, Writer, Doctor.  You get the picture.

What attracted me to help create  Tara Cronica with Bonnie and Jacquie was this:  I am exploring with my partners, using my voice while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings! (Sounds familiar)  I get to spend time with two beautiful intelligent women! (beautiful intelligent women = handsome intelligent men …again no brain-er! Some things never change) I’ve finally found my passionate purpose and I get to do it with great friends, it just doesn’t get better than that!   Cheers to all of you with transferable skills and passionate purpose !