Now That’s Inspiring!

Aiden Loster

Aidan Loster checks out his shopping list while twin sisters Rhiannon and Laura stand at the ready. (PETE FISHER/Sun Media)

Bonnie's PostI’ve just read about an eleven year old Canadian boy, Aiden Loster, who spends his weekends and afternoons working.  He and his twin sisters Laura and Rhiannon, 9, have shoveled driveways, raked leaves and any other outdoor chores for their neighbours to earn money.  After two years they saved up $422.59.  And what do you think they spent their money on?  Not video games or toys.  These three bought groceries for the less fortunate.  They went to the  store themselves with a list and bought groceries with money they earned themselves.  Wow.

A good news story.  An uplifting, inspiring story.  Ahhh, it is so nice to read this rather than the usual attention grabbers like what Lohan and Spears are up to now.  Kids like Aiden and his sisters are the leading edge generation right now and after reading about them I’m confident the world is in good hands.

I think it’s important to be aware of what is going on out there and I have various sources through which I get the latest news, but lately I have found myself skimming the headlines for the good news stories.  They’re not always easy to find, not because there aren’t any out there, but because they don’t grab attention as well as the bad news stories and so they aren’t written as often.  I have decided to give my attention to more of these uplifting stories simply because they put a smile on my face and they leave me feeling hopeful.  And in the case of Aiden and his sisters, they inspire me to want to do more for my community.

I’d love to hear from you if you know of a good news, or inspiring story that you’d like to share.  Perhaps if we can focus more on all the good stuff more of it will appear.