A Gathering of Family

Bonnie Johnson's Post

I’m just back from spending the last 4 days camping with the Johnson clan.  The reunion began last Friday when Johnson’s from all over the map arrived at a beautiful camp site on Green Lake (just outside of 100 Mile House, BC).  Green Lake was chosen because it is fairly close to where the first Johnson’s homesteaded and close to where many still live today.  It’s really a gorgeous spot with crystal green water, incredible sunsets and breath-taking starry nights.

DSCN0024The hot days kept most of us close to the refreshing clean lake or under any form of shade we could find while we caught up with our reli’s.  Many old photos were passed around.  Some photos invoked great spurts of laughter while others were received with a quiet remembering of times long past.

It’s very comforting to be surrounded by those who share the same blood line.  There is just something special about looking around the crowd and recognizing the same nose on more than one face.DSCN0033

I’m a Johnson by marriage so I don’t actually share the same genes but I have been a part of the family long enough to feel the bond.  I love hearing old stories about how the family came to be as far back as anyone can remember. There were stories of lust and adultery, heart breaking loss, enduring love, hardships, joys…even murder.  As the stories were told everyone learned something about their heritage that they had not known before and it made them feel more whole somehow.

For the younger clan members there were games like licorice eating contests, three legged races, sack races and a scavenger hunt.  For some it was the first time they had met but I doubt they will forget the fun they had together.  And that’s what it’s all about I think.  Making new memories together, adding new photos to the pages of albums that will be shared years from now at another family gathering.  It’s keeping the history of those that came before us alive by adding to and sharing the stories of our own lives.BonnieDSCN0018


What’s in a name?

Since birth I’ve officially had four different last names.  (Almost five, but I don’t talk about that one.)  The changes came from adoption and marriages.   My son has a different last name than mine now which kind of makes me sad.  When he was born his father insisted on two middle names for him because he thought it sounded more regal.  Whatever floats your boat!

I adopted a cat named Spencer and I kept his name because it really suited him.  He’s all black with a white chest and paws and looks like he is wearing a tux…very Spencer-ish.

We also now have a black dog.  All black.  No other markings anywhere on her.  And so we called her Spot.  We just thought it was funny.

My husband was born and raised in a small town in central BC called “100 Mile House”.  It was so named during the gold rush days when it was a supply roadhouse along the Cariboo wagon road from Lillooet (mile 0) which happened to be 100 miles away.  There is also a 70 Mile House, 150 Mile House…you get the picture.  I lived in 100 Mile House for eleven years and loved every minute of it.  It’s a wonderful place.  I just thought they should have used a little more imagination on their name, but who am I to talk.  I named my dog Spot.

Back to my husband.  He was given the name John when he was born.  Nothing unusual about that right? Except that his last name is Johnson! To be fair to his mother, he was the last of four children and I think she was simply too tired to get creative.  Interestingly there are more John Johnson out there than you’d think.  I just Googled his name and came up with almost fifty million entries!

But the icing on the cake, the part that makes me giggle every time I think of it, is the fact that my husband, John Johnson, recently admitted to me that when he was a kid he had a cat named…wait for it…yep, it was named John!


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