Why I Detest Grocery Shopping

Sadly, grocery shopping is something that I do almost every day. I try to plan ahead, but I usually forget something each time I shop, or once home again, discover something else we’re suddenly out of, and so the very next day I am back shopping again. I don’t do it for the fun, oh no, shopping for our groceries is about as fun for me as a dental visit only without the Lidocaine. Not to mention that the cost of groceries is equivalent to paying for a couple of root canals without insurance coverage. If only there was a laughing-gas kiosk at the front of every grocery store.

These are a few reasons why I hate grocery shopping:

  • Cart hogs. Why do people leave their carts in the middle of the aisle so nobody else can get by? Why? Why do they do it?
  • People who know you are trying to reach a tomato but who block your reach with their cart and body as they pick up each and every tomato with those dirty, germy fingers you’ve just watched them wipe their runny nose on.
  • Whenever I choose to grab a basket over a buggy, that’s when the 2 litre jugs of orange juice are on sale for buy 1 get 3 free and the giant heavy hams are 2 for 1. Either that or 2 aisles in to my shopping I remember the 20 other items I forgot we needed when I put those 3 light weight items on my list.
  • Which brings me to…struggling to hold an over packed heavy basket when the person in front of me at the check out places her one item, usually a carton of eggs, at the end of the belt, even though yards of empty belt stretch out ahead of her so that I’m left holding my basket and popping hernia’s.
  • The carts that require a quarter or worse, a loonie, and I’m all out of change. Again I’m left with only a basket.
  • After carefully scanning the flyers and searching out the sale items, I discover, only once I’m home again, that I was charged full price for the “sale” item.
  • If I’m on top of my game and actually catch a mistake as the cashier is putting my groceries through, the dirty looks I get from people in the line behind me as the cashier rolls her eyes and calls for a supervisor to adjust my bill…kind of deflates the joy I feel at saving myself that 30 extra cents.
  • I think my biggest irritation at the till is that person behind me in line that thinks it’s ok to literally stand so close as to lean against my shoulder while I try to shield my pin number from them. Back off and please get OUT of MY space! Trust me, I’m trying to get out as fast as I can!
  • Self check outs…really, do these ever work? They still need someone to stand there and help you when the stupid machine crashes, so what exactly is the point?

These are just a few reasons I despise grocery shopping.  And while we are talking about shopping I just want to leave you with a thought.

Costco needs an express lane. Right? It happens occasionally that I go into Costco specifically for one, only one, giant box of __________ (insert anything imaginable – socks, chicken breasts, batteries, almonds…whatever…it’s always going to be a giant box of whatever).  Why, oh why, do I have to wait behind someone who is re-stocking their corner store and has 3 giant carts full of boxes of gummy bears? In other words, why does a quick stop at Costco always have to take at least 2 ½ hours?

Ok, enough of my ranting. I will let you get on with your day, besides I have to go out to pick up a few groceries.  🙁




  • Jacquie

    Interesting! I actually LIKE grocery shopping! It was my quiet time away from the kids when they were little and I guess I’ve never forgotten that. I wander the aisles and look at all the fun condiments and vinegars and new flavours of potato chips… wondering all the while what great meals I can create using tarragon mustard or pickled beets…

    While I can relate to some of your rant (carrying a heavy basket when all you came in for was parsley) for the most part I’m a happy camper, especially if I plan my trip around a Safeway in-store Starbucks latte!

    Isn’t there a law that if you get overcharged at the till because an item doesn’t scan properly you get said item free AND a $10 bonus? Maybe it’s only my Safeway that did this.


    • Bonnie Johnson

      I’m glad that there is someone out there that has a brighter attitude than mine while shopping!

      I’ve never heard about that rule of wrongful scanning made right, butI’m going to ask at my local Safeway if it ever happens there. To be fair, Safeway is the best of my shopping experiences. It’s the little local grocery store that I try to support that usually scans items wrong. I have to be vigilant and watch them carefully while they scan my items…to the point where I’ve developed a nervous tick whenever I get to the till. 🙂

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