Who Writes This Stuff?

I am away visiting my brand new baby grand-daughter, Claire Olivia, as you read this.  I had to leave quite suddenly and so I don’t have much prepared for today’s post.  Instead I hope you won’t mind if I entertain you (Jay Leno style) with some funny classified ads I found online.   They may not be the most inspiring things you’ve ever read but they should give you a giggle.  Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Who Writes This Stuff?

  1. I’m more stunned than bent over with laughter, to be honest! Do people not proof read what they’re writing, especially if it’s being immortalized in print?
    Mind you, I have re read a few of my posts and had a few cringe-worthy moments myself ; ) Fortunately I have access to the edit button!

    Congratulations on the safe birth of Clare Olivia! That’s wonderful, Bonnie!

  2. Yay Baby!
    I LOVE the headlines portion of Jay Leno. Its always fun for the whole family. Some people need to really check their spelling and what they are writing.
    As I write this, Im making sure I dont make a fool of myself.

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