Which Pop star did you have a crush on as a girl?

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Tracy’s take~

The Pop Star I had a crush on as a little girl was between Bobby Sherman and the base player Alan in the band The Bay City Rollers.

I still remember the day when my Mom went grocery shopping and brought home alphabet cereal which had a cardboard  Bobby Sherman Bobby Shermanrecord inside the box.  ‘Waiting at the bus stop’ was the song and I played it endlessly on my K-tel record player.  I also remember being in a movie theater on my birthday where if you just walked up on stage you would receive a real record of Bobby Sherman.  I was painfully shy and still regret not having the courage to walk up in front  of the crowd to get the real deal.

When we went to Europe in 1973 we stayed at the Governor Hotel in Edinburgh,  Scotland.  That’s right, home of The Bay City Rollers.  One morning when we were heading out the hotel entrance for a walk, I almost passed out when I realized walking next to me was Alan and Les,  the base player and  lead singer of,  you got it, The Bay City Rollers.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  All I could do was blush and smile.  Alan smiled at me and I think he blew me a kiss (at least in my mind he did).  I still remember the feeling that went through my entire body at that moment!  It was exhilarating, a feeling I will never forget!   The Bay City Rollers

Such great memories as a little girl.  Kissing posters and album covers,  a pillow here and there.  Some women never get over those crushes.  So Bonnie, Jacquie how about you?  Any childhood crushes you want to share ?


Bonnie’s 2 cents~

I was with you on the Bay City Rollers, but Bobby Sherman? Not so much.  He was too squeaky clean to me which is funny because my very first pop star crush was on Donny Osmond and it doesn’t get any squeakier than that!  I dumped him soon after, however, for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  He was more like the Squire of Pop at that time.  We were both only ten, and this basically proves what bad judgment I had for boys in my early years.  In my defense, Michael still had his original nose back then.

After Michael I moved to Australia and so for the next few years I was crazy with a capital C for an Australian group called Sherbet.  They were extremely popular with my age group in the mid 70’s.  I was lucky enough to be able to go to a few of their concerts.  All of the girls I went with screamed and cried when they took the stage which I remember kind of embarrassed me.  I mean, I loved them too and had all the cassettes and posters but I was not going to scream and feign fainting unless they actually spoke directly to me and I knew that wasn’t going to happen.  At home alone in my room we had quite a serious relationship, but not in public!  My favourite was Alan Sandow, the drummer.  Always loved the arms on drummers (and eventually log home builders!).

I found a photo of Sherbet as I remember them.Sherbet

Alan (we were on a first name basis) is top left.  Check out the sexy chest hair!  Sooo cute! In my search for this photo I came across another photo of Sherbet.  A picture of them today.  What a shocker! Sherbet todayThat’s my Alan on the far right…the one without hair!

I guess I don’t look the same as I did at thirteen and fourteen so it’s all relative.  Still I find myself feeling a little disturbed by this discovery.  Sigh!


Jacquie, how do you weigh in on this subject? Any pop star crushes you’d like to share?

Jacquie weighs in~

Well, it’s clear my two friends want to publicly ‘out’ me by choosing this topic, knowing full well I’m in Las Vegas and had VIP tickets to see my teen crush, Donny, last Friday night.  Part of me wants to thwart their miserable attempt to humiliate me by going off on a ‘Tara tangent’ and discuss the more esoteric issues about why teen crushes are important to a young girl’s emotional development, etc, but no, I’ll play their game.  I’ll strip my soul bare to reveal the depth and breadth of my infatuation for an idol I knew was forever unattainable.  Laugh if you must, but I know how real these feelings can be.  Puppy love can be ridiculously intense.

I think that women’s collective memories of a teen crush help to bond them later in life in a very uniquely feminine way.  Last year I went to a David Cassidy concert with a group of girlfriends and friends of friends, 14 ladies in all, and, although we agreed the show was a bit lame, we bonded over appies and cocktails and the fact that we knew all the words to ‘I Woke Up In Love This Morning’ and ‘Echo Valley 26809’.  These nostalgia acts bring us back to the days before mortgages and getting dinner on the table and thinking about the economy were a part of our everday lives.  They were ‘no strings attached’ attachments and they were safe.  We didn’t have to worry that these guys would actually ask us out and we’d have to decide whether or not we were going to let them ‘do’ anything we weren’t ready to do.  We could take the relationship at our own pace and rarely did our fantasizing include anything beyond a kiss.   My love for Donny provided the very foundation on which to build my marriage to Gavin and so I thank him for that.  It’s shown me I have the capacity to love hard and to love long! LOLOLOLO

Happy girls?  Embarrassed me enough?  LOL  The gloves are off and I get to pick the topic next week.  How about ‘Famous People You’ve Dated”?  Pretty soon this site’ll start to look like TMZ!


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  • Tracy

    I have spent hours surfing Bobby Sherman and Bay City Roller video’s since starting this topic. I had no idea they were available and would have taken this venture much sooner if I had known. My smile has been different, like I have a secret since writing about my girl crush. I love the feeling of taking a step back in time even if just for a moment !! It’s so worth it !! Even if it means divulging the long long long list of Celebrities I have dated. Gosh where would I start? hmmm

  • Mary Dale

    My very first concert ever was David Cassidy when I was 6. My older, teenage sisters took me because I wanted to go. Yeah, right. My next teenage crush which spanned quite a few years was the Bay City Rollers and it was Leslie that I loved. I had the gear, the short pants, the tartan, the scarf and I even had a Bay City Roller watch. I still have that somewhere today. I had all the albums, even the ones that weren’t sold here, the ones that you could only get in Europe. My aunt used to buy them for me in England. I used to know every word to every song. I was a member of the Bay City Roller fan club. I saw them in concert in 1977 when they only had 4 members and after that, I didn’t like them so much. After that phase, it was Rod Stewart all the way and I have seen him in concert 5 times. He’s coming to Vancouver in August – I’m seriously considering going again.

  • wendy

    My first crush was on Might Mouse…but i guess that doesn’t count! After that was Robin (from Batman) then Davey Jones from the Monkey’s followed by:
    Donny Osmond
    Bobby Sherman
    Corey Hart

    and i still like the pretty boys!

    my sis loved
    David Cassidy
    Woody (Bay City Rollers)

    my cousin Jan loved
    Kirk Russell

  • Cheryl

    Alan Sandow was my pop star crush !! And the day a delivery driver came into my work i had just started at 17 in a sydney factory at sydenham This guy walks in and its him i will never forget it ! Just took my breath away couldnt beleive my eyes !!

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