What’s Wrong With This Sentence?

Bonnie Johnson's PostHave you noticed the lack of proper grammar and correct spelling that surrounds us everywhere today?  And yes, I know, you’ve read some good “moose steaks” here in this blog too.

I love the written word.  I love that when words are strung together artistically and thoughtfully they can spark my imagination and invoke deep emotions.  Over the years well written words have taken me on thousands and thousands of incredible adventures.  I appreciate how difficult it can be to write and so I have always admired authors who can make a world out of their words.

I’m not suggesting we are losing our great writers.  I don’t worry about that, but I do worry about the everyday writing I see.  The newspaper articles, the billboard signs, personal blogs, etc.  It just seems like everyone is trying to cut corners and over simplify things.  I blame this on all the texting and twittering that we do so much of now.  We have become a society that expects to send and receive blocks of thought in 160 characters or less.  What’s worse, we don’t even use whole words anymore.  I’m amazed at all the accepted abbreviation.



Y is WYS so MUBAR?

JSYK, I’m not HOYEW when you write like this.

OBTW, right now I’m JUADLAM. JK. LMAO.



Translation for those born before the late 80’s:

Excuse me.  I have a question.  Why is what you say so messed up beyond all recognition?

Just so you know, I’m not hanging on your every word when you write like this.

Oh, by the way, right now I’m jumping up and down like a monkey. Just kidding.  Laugh my a** off.

I just want to say that this is so lame… in my humble opinion.

But what do I know!

Beyond the slaughter of our grammar and spelling habits is the real danger that texting can pose when it is done behind the wheel of a vehicle.

A driver is 23 times more likely to get into a car accident if they text when they are behind the wheel of their vehicle, according to research conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI).   In fact, text messaging forced the driver’s eyes away from the road for the longest period of time — about 4.6 seconds over a six-second interval.   “This equates to a driver traveling the length of a football field at 55 mph without looking at the roadway,” the study concludes. CTV.ca

I guess it can’t be all bad.   A 13-year-old Pennsylvania girl won $25,000 after typing “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from “Mary Poppins” on her cell phone in less time than 200 other competitors in a text-messaging competition.   Morgan Pozgar typed the Disney classic’s “biggest word I ever heard” in only 15 seconds, beating out the former national text-messaging champ, 21-year-old Eli Tirosh of Los Angeles.

I came across an online article written by a college student for a research paper titled: Is Text Messaging/chatrooms Slang Ruining Academic Writing

Here is just one of the authors sentences that made me cringe:  But my question is why all those text messages when can easily dial the phone you have and talk to them like that? To me I think thats straight laziness right their no matter what angel you look at it.” I know we have spell check built in to everything now but even that won’t help correct angel to angle or their to there I suppose.

Sigh. WDYT? (what do you think?)textingBonnie


12 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Sentence?

  1. I share your view…lmao..haha.. I agree, when I started to text it took so long to actually type on the small key board I just got frustrated and stopped, actually canceled my text plan. Then a month later I added UNLIMITED TEXTING because it’s a real fun way to flirt! Flit here flit there! I do admit I like to use it to send small quick messages when you don’t feel like talking and going through the “how are you? ect ect ect” to get to the actual question you just needed answered. Watch the movie ‘7lbs’ with Will Smith and you will think twice about texting while you drive. Just like email though there is a lot of miss communication when sending them because you can’t hear the tone of someones voice which is such a part of the package for me. Voice to me is a huge part of someones attraction so to miss out on that is like not being able to smell or see them! How’s my grammar so far, have I put in enough R O S (run on sentences) in this comment for ya! Loved this Bon, it actually made me late to where I was going. T xo

  2. Bonnie, This is good. Not only is writing taking a hit here, like Tracy says…… no voice ! Makes it all very impersonal. I find myself often taking things out of context via e – mail. Although it’s a nice way to stay in touch….. something is definitely missing here.

    On the other hand I find that in most occasions the authors on this site have Great Voices !

    Keep Up The Great Work Ladies ! Good One Bonnie !

  3. Oy vay! You have hit upon one of my biggest peeves – grammar! It makes me cringe to hear some people speak, and I have several teacher friends who are the worst offenders! Our kids don’t stand a chance. And I don’t know which is worse – the complete and utter lack of apostrophe usage by some, or the indiscriminate sprinkling of them by others- like some kind of seasoning: “Hmmn, I think that word needs an apostrophe!” People are scared to put that “s” all by itself on a word ending in a vowel – how many times have you gone to a grocery store and seen “banana’s” or “tomato’s” or menus that feature “nacho’s” and “appy’s”. What about saying “then” instead of “than” in comparative speech? And it drives me nuts to hear people say “different than” – “different FROM”! Argh! It’s hopeless, I tell you – hopeless!

    • Ha ha! I really did hit a nerve with you Carmen. I hear you! Throwing in an apostrophe when it doesn’t belong is worse than leaving them out in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your grammar pet peeves. You may need to get back into teaching and help change this tide!

  4. Great now I am absolutely paranoid ! Let’s keep in mind that we are a blog format and our freedom to speak as we like is of the utmost importance !! I will admit I am the worst offender of the three of us here at Tara but I am getting much better! Great comments Bonnie I love that we have been hitting a few nerves that have given some of our readers no choice but to use their voices !! Love the feedback!

  5. Guys, you know me as the grammar police, and when I make a typo ( like several in my Monday post) I feel I need to take myself out back and give myself a strapping! Texting is a different animal. The same rules don’t apply. I’m far more forgiving because I’m a techno-geeka-phobe and ANYONE is better at it than me!
    I’m just all about respect for rules and people. I’m so over myself and far more interested in what everyone has to say than HOW they say it. Fantastic post, Bon Ton.

  6. Yes mother your very right, we have definitely let our grammar slide in recent years. Even as I type I notice that I’ve stopped capitalizing my “I’s” or spelling simple words like ‘capitalizing’ correctly. (Thank goodness for that little red squiggly) Especially today’s youth whom very rarely put down their cell phones, myself being one of them. I’ve caught myself a few times using text slang in college papers that I am about to turn in! Receiving hundreds of texts a day will sneak the textual language in your head I guess.

    And yes, “it very dangerous to drive and text at the same time!”, the words you scream into my ear as I try and shift your car and see what all my friends are doing at once (Sorry for the few heart attacks I’ve given you). At least I’m fairly good at driving, the people down here in Florida on permanent vacation drive with their head in the clouds, their eyes on their phones, and their foot to the floor (more so the brake than the acceleration…old people…)

    Honestly though, where would we be without texting!? Texting can be very handy when you need to ask a question or let someone know something, but really have no desire whatsoever to have a whole conversation or even hear that persons voice. You can’t tell me you’ve never dreaded a phone call that must be made to those types of people that really love to tell you everything about their life in the middle of your busy day until the phone gets so hot against your ear you obtain ‘ear sweat’ and your arms get so tired of holding it up you switch off to your shoulders.

    There’s no doubt texting has many benefits. In these times everything is fast. People like the fastest and easiest ways to do everything and why not? I guess it’s sad that we all talk less with each other …NOT! Personally, I hate talking on the phone for any longer than 5 minutes, except to my wonderful mother of course. After the 5 minute mark there seems to be an inevitable silent few seconds where you just want to say, “okay, well…bye…text you later”

    Not to mention you get to think about what your going to say next! This is key when text flirting, by the way. You get the perfect opportunity to think of the smoothest possible reply that your sure they’ll want to hear, and there’s no time limit! “Why didn’t I text you back right away you ask? Well my battery died, I left my phone in my car, and I don’t think your message came through. Must not have had service.” Pfff yea right.

    Anyway sorry for rambling more about texting than the grammar issue, but I don’t remember what it was like not to have the ease of typing instead of talking. So thank you technology…your a life saver!

    Good post mum! ttyl ilu k.i.r.

    (talk to you later) (I love you) (keep it real …made that one up but i think it’ll catch on)

    Oh and one more thing, if you guys ever get the chance go to this website:


    It’s small chunks of peoples text conversations from the night before that they post. They will definitely make you laugh.

  7. What a great comment James! I love how you cut straight to the point that must be the text technology in your generation, which I do believe we can all learn a few things from, I certainly do! I wish someone had told me long ago that if you click on the red squiggle it gives you the ‘correct’ spelling, I thought it just pointed it out for you. lol I didn’t really just laugh out loud by the way. I have always been a true believer that my home phone is for ME to answer when convenient for me not for the person on the other line exactly for that reason, ear sweat! lol I again did not laugh out loud. I agree with you about getting the time you need to think of your answer to text back but I will tell you from my experience the BEST flirting sessions I have had throughout my life and it’s been a very colourful one have been the sparing of words with a male who can think on his feet in the moment, it’s pure magic and I think your generation is kind of missing out on that a bit with all the texting. Balance is important. I am going to steal your KIR but uppercase cause I am going to yell it when I say it ! Love you and love that you left a message, it was so fun to read. Miss you and ttyl8r ~ AT (aunty tracy) xo

  8. i got good grammer. and am a great txtr. but did not understand half of what that text read. i could, however, kick a– in a texting competition, while driving, and eating and drinking coffee (which can’t be any safer than texting… reaching to grab the sandwhich, bag o chips, coffee, etc)

    James, that will DEFINITELY catch on. I’ll make sure of it.


  9. p.s. i am not scoffing at the stats regarding driving, or the horrifying results that can happen, just pointing out there are many other things we do in the car (eating, drinking, putting on makeup, eyeballing ourselves to make sure we look good for all our hot dates (james) ) that are as distracting, but, because texting is now ATR (all the rage.. i think i might have made that up) (it will catch on too) – those are the stats we see. Which is good. not scoffing ladies.

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