Too Soon!

Checked the date and yep, it’s November 8th! The 8th of November people. (Hence the moustache) Waaay before Christmas. So far before Christmas in fact, we haven’t even honoured our veterans on Remembrance Day yet.

So I was thoroughly disappointed, peeved even, to drive by this last night:

You can’t see it clearly but they even have their entire back yard decorated. I know. It’s a blurry dark picture. I took it with my cell phone after dark, out an open car window while I insisted my husband drive slooowly  by the place.  Plus we had the added pressure of irritated cranky traffic building behind us just so I could get the shot. You’re welcome.  I think the sight of this ridiculous house fully vamped out in Christmas lights on the 7th of November probably added to the stress level of everyone in the cars behind us too. I’m sure that’s what all the honking was about. Anyway…Seriously?! You’re going to start decorating for Christmas already? There should be a law against this. If I were Queen of The World I would definitely make it a rule. Same goes for leaving decorations up well after Christmas. I would deem January 15th the cut off…or off with your head!

The whole “rush” for Christmas makes me crazy. We are missing out on the special beauty of the season when we drag it out for so long. Ya, ya, it’s December 25th, looks the same as November 25th, which looks the same as January, February and March 25th…what’s the big deal? Aargh!

Is it just me or are things getting ridiculous out there? Maybe we should start a movement. We could “Occupy” something, or start our own North American “Spring” and call it NED for No Early Decorators or what about Mothers Against Decorating Dingbats. MADD, wait, that ones taken. I’m open for suggestions.

I just want people to slow down…what’s the point of getting an early start on the holiday season. It will be here soon enough. Honest. Let’s not start the Christmas music loop too soon. I would love to hear Silent Night a week before Christmas and get a warm fuzzy feeling instead of wanting to scream “MAKE IT STOP!!!” Don’t ruin the magic of Christmas by making it start so early and go on for so long that it loses it’s original essence. Puh leeze! I’m begging you.




  • Tracy Westerholm

    Ohhhhh don’t get me started! I agree with my entire being! Observed our beloved Veterans for their service to our Country giving us the freedom we enjoy today!
    Remembrance Day is what our focus should be on right now, not the marketing of madness!

    I love Christmas but want it to be a special feeling filled with wonder and excitement not rush and stress!

    I like your acronyms! xo

  • Jane

    HO HO HO.
    I agree with you Bonnie, we have lost the true meaning of Christmas. And sorry for the families that can’t afford to even eat a proper meal not just at Christmas. All those people that have lights up already could be filling the food banks with all the money they are using in electricity.

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