The Right to Bare Breasts – Not Arms!

Ahhh Florida. We’re back indulging in your warm salt water breezes, dodging pelican poop and trying not to step on your geckos.  We have settled in nicely now starting each day by taking turns with sections of the local paper while leisurely sipping our coffee. This is what it’s all about…relaxing.

We shake our heads over all the attention given to wanna-be socialite Jill Kelley. This woman has been raked over the coals here because she “tried too hard” to fit in with the old-money-rich in Tampa. Meanwhile the woman that was sending nasty emails about Kelley and having an affair with the director of the CIA, eh, not so much talk about her. Instead the paper reports that Jill Kelly dressed “too revealing” and the old money folks did not approve. Really? So, you don’t mind the one woman having an affair with the CIA’s top dog but the woman who tried to break into your social circle was deemed too tacky so you boot her to the curb. Ohhh kaaay.

Then we giggle in a kind of nervous twitchy way over the news that our adopted city has a freaky radio celebrity by the name of Bubba the Love Sponge. Yep. This class act offered up his wife to Hulk Hogan and then secretly video taped their tryst so he could profit from it later. He also announced on his radio show that he planned to “deep fry” the Koran. Thankfully he was persuaded to abandon his sick, messed up idea. Bubba, you are a menace to humanity, now go hang your head and sit quietly while tightly strapped into your straight jacket on the corner of Lame St and Creepy Rd.

Sadly, we are reminded, every time we read the paper, of the sacred “right to bare arms” in this country, as in the holy Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, contained in the Bill of Rights. We are reminded of this because almost everyday there is a case in which someone was killed by the gun of someone else. Someone who “has the right” to bare arms of course; someone who deemed it their “right” to take the life of another human because they “felt” threatened in some way or other.

The most recent sad story in this old “right to bare arms” case played out recently when one man decided a young skate boarder should not skate on some newly surfaced black top in his neighbourhood park. He stormed out of his house to confront the kid and got into an argument with another neighbour who had already told the kid that it would be ok to skate in the park. He was in such a rush to confront the skate boarder he hadn’t stopped to put on his shoes. But he had his gun with him. He never went anywhere without his gun. The neighbour he argued with was at the park shooting hoops with his eight year old daughter. She witnessed her father being shot to death over a stupid argument. She was a witness to the shooting of her father because one man was determined to stop a kid from riding his skate board. Senseless.

People are allowed to disagree. People should debate and fight for what they believe to be important, but they should not be allowed to bring their guns. Come on people!

My husband has always said the rule is backwards. In the US people get arrested and worse, deemed tacky, by bearing their breasts, but it’s ok to pack a gun wherever they go. The Amendment should be “amended” to read “the right to bear breasts”…not arms. The country would be so much better off, don’t you think?

Happy Thanksgiving America!



2 thoughts on “The Right to Bare Breasts – Not Arms!

  1. It’s a mixed up world we live in at times isn’t it, makes no sense what-so-ever! Which makes it even more important to continue using our voices to instigate change how ever we can!
    Sad to think a child can loose his life skateboarding!

    We need more peace in this world!

    Great reminder Bon! I love you! xo

    Beautiful picture choice by the way!

  2. Tracy, I think it was the neighbour who was shooting hoops that got shot? Bonnie good comparison, sure Dub would agree. We seem to be getting more weirdo’s in Canada too. Scarey to think they walk among us. xo

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