Svaha Spirit Sunday ~ People Are Awesome – Part 2

Just over a year ago Tracy posted a video called “People Are Awesome” featuring some amazing stunts by humans.  I’ve just found another one! These videos really take your breathe away.  This is a new compilation found on Youtube by He is calling it “People Are Awesome (Dons version) and if you like this, check out his “Like There Is No Tomorrow” video.  Terrifying!

Don’t try this at home! As I told my son…it’s called amazing when they survive, but crazy or stupid when they don’t.



2 thoughts on “Svaha Spirit Sunday ~ People Are Awesome – Part 2

  1. Yes, I know this is a Sunday Svaha post but it’s soooooooo good and today is technically still part of the New Year holiday (day off for many) so I figured it was worth leaving up! some Sunday posts are too inspiring to only have up for one day!


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