Svaha Spirit Series~First Woman Walks the Lost Arrow Spire Highline

This video of Libby Sauter walking the Lost Arrow Spire Highline, nearly 3000 feet above the Yosemite Valley floor made my palms sweat.  It also stirred within me the desire to cheer on a fellow human being.  I don’t know Libby from Adam but I soooo wanted her to succeed.  I could not even imagine myself climbing up that mountain let alone walking across that thin line of rope or steel or whatever the highline is made of.  You could have steel two by sixes across there and I still wouldn’t be able to walk it at that height.  So man or woman, I applaud you.  The mother in me is also very glad you used all the proper safety lines.  Although if that was a child of mine I would not have been able to view it.

It is such a perfect “If at first you don’t succeed…” video don’t you think? I loved hearing the encouragement and coaching from her friend too.  “It’s yours Libby” “You Got It!”

Good for you Libby! Now stop freaking your mother out!


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