Svaha Spirit Series ~ Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of Awesome

Ok, it’s no secret that I love Neil Pasricha and his blog and his Book of Awesome series. I’ve written about him here on Tara Cronica twice before! He is my hero for a few reasons. He is awesome himself for starters. He won the Webby Award for best blog in the world for his blog 1000 Awesome Things two years in a row. He’s Canadian. He’s authentic. He’s in touch with his inner 3 year old and just generally has a great attitude. And now he has a video on Ted! Yay! Watch this and be inspired by a truly awesome guy.

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  • Tracy Westerholm

    OMG! I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!

    I just found the time to sit with a warm cup of coffee sweetened just right and enjoy this TEDtalk.
    This one is my all time favourite!
    He is truly an awesome human being with the perfect attitude, awareness and authentic!

    Wow…’grieve and face the future with sober eyes…embrace your inner 3 year old! How sweet is that!’
    I am ((((((((smiling)))))))) so big right now!
    Thanks for sharing this Bonnie!
    You are AWESOME!

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