Svaha Spirit Series ~ Kony 2012: Part 2 Beyond Famous

The following film is almost 20 minutes long.  I usually make an effort to find videos that only go for 3 to 5 minutes.  I don’t want to steal too much of your time, but this message is too important to condense.  Besides, what’s a mere 20 minutes of your day compared to the bigger picture?  I’m proud of our younger generations for connecting with each other to find real solutions to a brutal problem.  Let’s get behind them too.

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KONY 2012: Part II — Beyond Famous offers a closer look at the LRA and explores the solutions put forward by leaders of the currently-affected areas of CAR, DRC, and South Sudan, where local communities continue to live under the constant threat of LRA violence.

This generation has responded to the call to make Joseph Kony famous. Now we need to dig deeper and turn awareness into informed action. That starts with sharing this film and continues with participating in Cover the Night, the advocacy and awareness event taking place worldwide on April 20th.


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