Svaha Spirit Series ~ Inspired by Earl

I have hockey fever.  My Canucks are in the final run for the Stanley Cup.

I’m also thinking of my friends (one being a big Red Wings fan) who were up all night doing the Relay for Life and raising money for cancer research.  Last year I lit a candle for one of our readers, Samantha Mattersdorfer, who recently lost her battle with cancer.  Samantha is also on my mind at this time.

So, when I found this inspiring video, I was amazed by how perfectly it reflected all of this for me.  You’ll see why when you watch the very inspiring story of Earl Cook in this CBC feature.

Happy Svaha Sunday!


  • Chris

    What a great story. It’s stories like Earl’s that keep me doing the Relay for Ljfe year after year. And stories like Nadine’s, our team captain. Go Nad! I have just woken up after a few hours of sleep and looked at Vernon’s total. Over $148,000 !! It was a great night and we got to watch the Canucks win too!
    The Redwings are awesome, but you know deep down the Canucks are my fav team Bonnie.
    Missed you last night. 🙂

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