Svaha Spirit Series: Happy Easter…Jib Jab!

Happy Easter!

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Ok, come on, have patience! I know it takes some time to load, but it’s worth the wait. You can sing quietly to yourself while you wait or I can tell you a story to pass the time.

Did I ever tell you the story of the time Tracy and I were in Hawaii and got set up on a date with two brothers who both looked like Tom Cruise in Top Gun…only 10 times better? (It was the eighties and we were both really into Tom Cruise in that movie.)  Well anyway, the night started off innocently enough, a little dancing, a midnight drive, a little fence climbing and before you knew it we were…oh, the video has started?  Great!  Enjoy!

Happy Easter and Svaha from all of us at Tara Cronica!



6 thoughts on “Svaha Spirit Series: Happy Easter…Jib Jab!

  1. Thanks for the entertainment this morning. Very cute. 🙂
    Happy Easter to everyone ! Enjoy your day with family and friends.
    (I want to hear the rest of the story Bonnie 🙂 )

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