Svaha Spirit Series ~ Dear 16 Year Old Me

You may have already watched this video.  I found it posted on a good friends Facebook wall.  She has had some skin cancer removed which makes it all the more poignant.  I have another friend who has a family history and gets checked thoroughly once a year and yet still takes risks with her skin (I won’t mention any names but it rhymes with bracy…without an e).

I admit I too feel very nervous when I think back to my young teens and remember the foolish ways I treated my skin.  Baby oil was all we ever lathered ourselves with at the beach when I lived in Australia.  I’ve had some very severe burns in my life;  one while I was in Hawaii was so bad that I had the scar on my chest for years.

I hope this video will be shown again and again and will make an impact on the young teens and twenty-somethings that believe baking their bodies is attractive.  Where I am in Florida right now, we have seen many people whose skin has been thoroughly abused and they look at least twenty years older than they should.  Their skin is like an old leather boot.  Not. Attractive.


From the creators of this video:

This film was made possible thanks to the generosity of real Canadians and Americans whose lives have been touched by melanoma. These are not actors. We cannot thank this group enough for sharing their stories with us.


6 thoughts on “Svaha Spirit Series ~ Dear 16 Year Old Me

  1. Bonnie,
    That was a powerful video, thanks so much for posting it. Hopefully young and old will watch and take the advice. I just can’t understand why anyone would take a chance of having scares over their face and bodies. I have not suntanned for years and still paying the price. I can understand a sixteen year old not having the sense,but anyone over twenty should know better with all the information out there. xo

  2. Very powerful video Bon!
    I get an electric sensation when I watch any video about skin cancer, I don’t take it lightly…anymore!
    This was a great reminder that I need to complete my humiliation week with a visit to the dermatologist! 🙁

    If you remember I went for a spray tan recently NOT because I am shallow but wanted to see what another healthier option to the sun looked like. I looked a little George Hamilton-ish and honestly didn’t like the look. Maybe mid summer I might feel differently? I think I got used to looking white and now I don’t mind it.
    Love you Bon!
    Yours Truly,
    Bracy! 🙂

  3. The video touches on it but tanning beds are just as bad if not worse than too much sun exposure. Some countries recognise this now and insist those under 18 need parental permission to use a tanning bed.

    • That should be implemented everywhere! I would have not spent time in them when I was younger if the warning was much stronger! It is also up to the parents to educate their young girls/boys of the risk of having a glow that is unnatural! Sun block sun block sun block! 🙂

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