Svaha Spirit Series ~ A Modest Proposal

Okay all you romantics, get ready to say “Awww!”.  This video proves that there are some really amazing creative and very romantic men out there.

28-year-old Jeff Gurwin flouted the silly on-one-knee tradition and proposed to girlfriend Caitlin Fitzsimons, 27, by having a mural painted on Avenue A and Second Street.

Congratulations Jeff and Cailin!


3 thoughts on “Svaha Spirit Series ~ A Modest Proposal

  1. Awwww! Yes that is romantic but every time I see some guy surprise his girlfriend I always think “I bet she wishes she wore something different that day” lol She looked great…but I’m just saying…

    Like the guy who proposed right after the girl ran a marathon as she crossed the finish like. I know I wasn’t the only woman thinking…really? Now you want to propose I’m sweaty and tired and you pick now? I just ran 26 miles and want to relish in the accomplishment and now I have to make a life changing decision. hahahah I’m sort of kidding, it’s nice to know there are still romantic men out there! ahhhh
    One more thing…does anyone else get the urge to yell “don’t do it” when they drive by a wedding party?
    Enjoy your sunny Sunday everyone! ((((smile))))

    Yes I’m still a hopeless romantic…maybe get rid of the hopeless part.

  2. Am I a hopeless cynic, then?

    I can’t help but think that with the advent of social networking sites like youTube there’s been a barrage of ‘romantic proposals’ filmed more for the consumption of the public than to really make a special moment. Everyone wants their 15 minutes.

    I could be sooooo wrong….just my mood today.

    Geez, I’m a drag!

    • Maybe it’s just the low after the high from a shopping extravaganza cause I’m a drag right there with ya! :)))) Me of all people! tee hee hee!

      Should those ‘special’ moments just be special between the two of you? It would make it easier to embellish if it were. I guess if you weren’t sure your partner was going to say yes you wouldn’t film it. How many would be able to say no if a camera was rolling? Makes you wonder how many have followed through with the wedding?
      Okay I will go now! I just ran and I think I may be having a sugar low!

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