Suspended Coffee ~ Let’s Do It!

BonniebygateThe idea, begun in Naples, Italy, and called “Suspended Coffee” is where  a customer pays for a coffee and “banks” it for someone less fortunate who could really use a jolt of caffeine and good will. This idea has become an international sensation with coffee shops in Europe and North America participating in the movement.

What a great idea! I have not seen it in any coffee shops that I’ve visited, but I sure hope I do one day. I’d happily buy a coffee for someone in need. Come on BC let’s do this. After doing some googling, I found a Facebook page for Suspended Coffee Vancouver, so there is some effort to get it going here. Hamilton, Ontario has the program set up in the coffee shop, Homegrown Hamilton. How about stepping up Starbucks? Tim Hortons? Come on, let’s do it!

Why not take it one step further and do this with food? When you buy a sandwich why not “bank” one for someone less fortunate? It is being done in Taiwan already. A noodle shop in New Taipei has served noodles to people in need for free in honour of the Italian tradition of “caffe sospeso,” or suspended coffee. According to the Apple Daily, Yen Lin-ying, who has run the shop in a market in Banqiao District for 32 years, started asking customers in late March whether they would pay for noodles to give away to others after her son told her about the suspended coffee movement he saw on Facebook. The response was surprisingly positive, she said.

In two weeks, customers have paid for more than 40 suspended bowls of noodles. Among those she has given food to are a single mother and her child who shared a bowl of noodles and an unemployed man who ordered the noodles to go so he could give them to his elderly mother at home.




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