Stop Lying To Me!

Bonnie Johnson's PostI’ve reached my limit.  I’m so sick of the lies.  Every where I turn someone else is lying to me and I’ve had enough.  I’m talking to the marketers and advertisers of the world and the companies that employ you.lying_ad

Do you really think that I’m naive enough to believe that my eye lashes will grow over an inch when I wear your mascara?  I’m on to you and the fact that your models are wearing ridiculously long false eye lashes and pretending they were created just by using your product.  You don’t even have the decency to be subtle anymore, to make us wonder just a little, you just blatantly lie about it.

Stop telling me the cat food I buy is a healthy serving of “Seafood with Ocean Fish, Albacore Tuna, Salmon, and Crab” when in fact there is a miniscule amount of any seafood in it and instead contains:

  • corn,
  • corn gluten (a binder),
  • poultry by-products (chicken feet and turkey heads etc.),
  • meat and bone meal (garbage from anything and everything animal – things like euthanized sick animals, diseased animal tissue, or even expired grocery store meat),
  • animal fat preserved with mixed tocopherols (mmm – that is the fat that rises to the top when chicken feet, turkey heads, cow intestines and expired grocery store meat are cooked),
  • soybean meal,
  • animal liver flavour,
  • phosphoric acid,
  • calcium carbonate,
  • salt,
  • seafood (there it is!) and finally
  • artificial colouring.  In that order!

And to those of you putting pretty little farm scenes on your grocery store products, give it up! I know damn well there is nothing natural or “farm fresh” found within your packaging.

It goes on and on.  Just turn on the tv, open a magazine, take a drive, walk through a grocery store.  The lies are everywhere!  Why can’t you be more like Robert Lee of Cullman Liquidation?  Now that’s refreshing!



10 thoughts on “Stop Lying To Me!

  1. That is too funny, we are definitely on the same page, I just had a huge rant yesterday watching TV with the family about Mascara!!!!! I went on and on and on about ‘as if’ we are too stupid to see that they are FAKE!! I hate that too!!! Just tell the truth, is that so hard to do? T
    Oh Good Morning !! xoxo

  2. Just another helping of half thruths and deceit we need to sort through each day. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could take advertisers [and others]at face value.
    I’m going out and buying me a mobile home!

  3. One of my peeves is the commercial for a diet pill that has the tag line ‘because it’s not you, it’s your metabolism’.
    OK, in some cases that may be true, but could it also be because you LIKE TO EAT!

  4. Jacquie, I’ve been ranting about that one for ages too! It’s so ridiculous. It allows people to make excuses and not take responsibility for their actions (and weight).

  5. There is a great video going around Facebook . its sponsored by Dove and shows a young lady..deliberately plain…going through a complete transformation to be a cover girl! and it shows all the airbrushing and deciet attached! SO sad as our girls only see the end result! and they buy into the lie….

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