Spider Queen Black Widow For Halloween

I’m out of town this Halloween and I’m missing our annual AGM/Halloween party that our paddling club hosts.  My friends and neighbours are hosting it only a short stumble from my house which would have been super convenient as well.  🙁  I hate missing out on the fun.   (Take lots of pictures everyone!)

But if I were going to be here, I know what I would be doing for a costume.  I’m going to share it with you today because, even though I may do it next year, I know that most of my friends will forget over the course of a full year.  😉  Go ahead and use this idea if you still haven’t come up with a costume.

The first play I was in was way back in Mrs. Jackson’s grade four class and I was chosen to be  “spider woman”.  I loved it! So perhaps that is why this appeals to me so much.  Or maybe it’s because there are so many spiders around my house I figure if I can’t beat’em I might as well join’em!

You may remember MissChievous from last year when Tracy posted some of her work.  She’s great!  The video is over 11 minutes long but well worth it if you want to create this look.

If you too decide to create the spider queen black widow costume, please send us a photo.  We’d love to see how it turned out!


  • Tracy Westerholm

    I was just telling my girlfriend Tannia yesterday about MissChievous and her great tutorials! This one is great! She is so easy to follow! I wish I wasn’t going to be here for Halloween, not a fan of the grown up dress up parties myself! You will see why Wed when I put up my post! Happy Halloween everyone!

  • Chris

    You’ll be missed at the party tomorrow night Bonnie 🙁 and with a costume like that, you for sure would have won one of VPC’s Social Committee’s “amazing festive” prizes that have been bought exclusively for the annual Hallowe’en Howl ! 🙂 We will send you pics !

  • jacquie

    I love costume parties and dressing up for an event like the one you described, Bonnie. Too bad you’ll miss it this year.

    I’ll never forget the year I went to a party as a Tacky Tourist only to find I was the only one in costume. Long story, but it was a joke played on my sister by some of her friends but backfired and stung me. I was the only one who didn’t get the memo that it actually wasn’t a costume party : )

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