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Some days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  Something just feels off.  You get out of bed and stub your toe.  You sit down on the toilet and discover you are out of paper.  You’re not sure what sparks all of this negativity but you know it when it’s there.  The air feels heavy around you and even the birds singing outside your window sound more annoying than sweet.  When your husband affectionately smacks your butt as you pass you have to fight the temptation to take a swing at his chin with your fist.  Oh-oh.  Not a great way to start the day.

Maybe I just need to eat something, you think, so you go to the fridge and discover you are out of _______.  Of course you are.  As you prepare breakfast anyway, you are thinking about how it’s always you that prepares breakfast and cleans up after.  And lunch…and dinner, come to think of it. Now you are feeling the venom in your veins heat up.  It’s usually about this time that the love of your life suggests you finish doing that task you started last week and you stop and stare at them. Awe struck.  Really?  Do you think I need to be told by you that I still need to get ______ done?, you think, but you find their bad timing so incredulous that instead you just glare and shoot death daggers out of your eyes at them.

Well this was the kind of day I was having recently. Ok, exactly this day.  My husband and I had to travel to another town to make a delivery.  Before heading back we decided to stop at Tim Horton’s to grab some lunch and caffeine for the ride home.  We ordered three chicken snackers, one with caesar dressing and two with ranch. When we got to the pick up window there were only two chicken snackers in the bag…and no napkins.  My husband politely asked for the missing snacker while I huffed at the girl that we also needed napkins. Hello? How hard is it to include a couple of napkins in the bag?  Pht! Three hot snackers in hand, we were off.  But as we drove away I realized they weren’t marked.  So which one was the caesar snacker? I had to unroll them all only to discover that the caesar dressing and the ranch dressing look identical and making matters worse some pieces of the chicken were rolling off the wrap and disappearing between the seats in the car.  “Aargh! Oh for @$#% sake! This is ridiculous! It wasn’t a difficult order, why can’t they get it right?!” I yelled.  Well I had to yell to be heard because the cars air conditioning had stopped working and it was thirty five degrees out and we needed all the windows down and my hair was whipping my face and getting tangled up with my tongue.  And then it hit me…

I suddenly had an image of Somalian parents walking hundreds of miles in the African heat to try and find food for their starving, dying children.  They would have been so grateful for this car with or without air conditioning.  And the small snackers would be a glorious feast for them.  This realization was a well needed slap in the face.  I immediately snapped out of my mood and felt an overwhelming wave of gratitude wash over me.  Sometimes it is necessary to look at the contrast of your life to another life to remember what is important and what is trivial.  It was also a great reminder that it’s just that easy to change your thoughts and thereby change your mood and thereby change your experience.  From that moment on I enjoyed every aspect of my day.  The scenery was spectacular and I was grateful for it.  I reached over and kissed my husbands cheek which made him flinch at first until he saw that my face had softened and he knew I didn’t want to hurt him anymore.

What is happening in Somalia is heart breaking.  I grabbed this from CBC’s web site.

The famine in East Africa has killed tens of thousands, and more people are dying every day.

A devastating drought across the region, plus war, neglect and spiraling prices have all contributed to what is now the worst hunger emergency in a generation.

In some areas of Somalia more than half the children are severely malnourished – and one-in-three could die.

You Can Help

Donations to registered Canadian charities will help to provide food, clean water, shelter and health services that will save lives.

For every dollar Canadians contribute to a registered Canadian charity responding to the East Africa drought, the Government of Canada will set aside one dollar for the East Africa Drought Relief Fund. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) will allocate these funds to established Canadian and international humanitarian organizations for humanitarian assistance efforts that benefit the people most affected by the drought. The government will match eligible donations made from July 6 until September 16 2011. If you would like more information about the Fund, donating and fund raising criteria please visit East Africa Drought Relief Fund

For a complete list of experienced humanitarian organizations working in the region visit


5 thoughts on “Snap Out Of It!

  1. To start just wanted to say I love that picture of you looking very serene and beautiful. The t-shirt is priceless. Your post made me laugh about T.H. that’s what you get for eating there. lol. As for Somalia many people are going hungry in our own country and none of this should happen anywhere in the world. I truly believe that birth control for all Africa is the only answer. The rich get richer the poor only suffer more. Its the politician that need to be taken to task in these countries and all money sent should have to be accounted for. OMO

  2. There once were certain countries in Africa which were the pride of the continent. Rhodesia, when run by Ian Smith, was a glowing, thriving country, my friend worked there for the UN for years helping them build a profitable economy. Then the blacks took over the government and ran it. Good for them, everyone said. Rhodesia became Zymbabwe. Today the country is in ruins because no one will allow whites to operate industry. The sustainable forest industry lies in shambles, the lumber mills rusted. The productive farms only weeds, after the white owners were machete’d to death or forced to leave. South Africa is heading the exact same way, with the highest disease rate and crime rate in the world. Somalia has starving people. We the West, need to allow them to solve their own problems, whether they be warlords, drug dealers or pirates, and then deal with the emerging power. All the efforts to help since since 1900 have been useless. unfortunately in this African world today it is North American aid that is the main enterprise, not industry, civilization or hard work. Sad but true, we need to leave Africa alone for a few decades and see what happens.

  3. Oh for Christ Sake, I just had my Craigs List Ad ready to post, and now I feel sort of guilty…it read…
    Two little buggers one boy one girl who love to stir each others pooh! FREE to the first person who answers this ad! They say “Mom” about a billion times a day but mostly when I’ve just stepped into the shower, started a phone call or just put in my ear buds to listen to some tunes. They would make a great addition to any family that has both a CLOWN AND PONY because a playstation, dog, pool, basement full of toys, friends, bikes, scooter, ect ect ect aren’t enough to entertain their over active brains!

    O-k-a-y so they are really good kids who I can take anywhere! I love them more than life itself and I couldn’t imagine either one of them moving out until they were 16! 🙂
    Obviously a joke to anyone who doesn’t know me or my incredible little human beings I brought into this world on purpose! I would give my life to allow them to bug one another for another day! But that could change at any given moment! lol

    It is about perspective and Thank you Bonnie for reminding all of us how fortunate we truly are. Your new picture is sensational! I have to go now and kiss my darling little children who I adore! muah! xo

  4. Tracy you are too funny! I say send your kids on the bus back to me here. I miss them already!

    Yes, the post was meant to be about perspective and how I lose it sometimes.

    I understand that corruption and bad politics are at the core of the problems in Africa, but I doubt the Somalian mother is thinking of any of that as she buries her child in the sand at the side of a road, Bozo. Whether you choose to help these countries or not, you cannot deny that seeing the contrast between their plight and our comfortable lives should be enough to make us stop whining and be grateful for all that we have.

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