Sick Day

I’m slightly out of commission right now.

When your office is directly across the hall from your bedroom it isn’t a tough commute.  And yet, I’m still having a hard time making the trip.

Apart from not feeling very well, sick days can be kind of interesting.  I’m actually learning a lot.

For example, did you know that Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin are not only back together, but are engaged! I thought he’d burned all those bridges but I guess not.  I mean, he’s said some pretty damning stuff about his now future mother in law.

When she was coming home from work, she would say, ‘Where’s my retarded baby?’ —Levi Johnston on Sarah Palin’s maternal instincts on CBS’ Early Show

There wasn’t much parenting in that house. Sarah doesn’t cook, Todd doesn’t cook-the kids would do it all themselves: cook, clean, do the laundry, and get ready for school. — Levi Johnston on the Palin family, to Vanity Fair

I’d love to be a fly on the wall at that wedding. Awkward!

Also, Burger King has a promotion where you have to collect little game cards featuring the Twilight Eclipse movie actors and then scratch either Edward or Jacob to win something.  Win what you ask? I don’t know because I spiralled into a deep debate with myself over who I’d choose to scratch.  It’s a tough one, no?

BP’s new cap seems to be working…finally! Fingers crossed.

Then there is Mel Gibson.  He’s lost it!  What is making me lose it though are all the talk shows (even CNN) that won’t stop discussing the story and playing that crazy phone conversation over and over and over again.  Stop already! If I have to listen to his bleeped-out tirade one more time I’m going to have my own bleeping tirade. You’re thinking “just change the channel” aren’t you?  I’ve tried that.  It’s everywhere!

Oprah is in repeat mode but I discovered Seinfeld still makes me giggle.  Oh, and did you know that soap dispenser pumps are covered in germs? Duh! Once the soap is on your hands you can wash them all away!  Touch-less soap dispensers! Pht!

I switched the tv off and decided to read my Vanity Fair magazine for awhile.  Apparently Brad and Angelina let all of their kids sleep with them in their room-size bed occasionally.  Previous pages were covered with Jennifer Aniston promoting bottled water. Tsk!

Yawn.  That’s about when I fell asleep and had really strange dreams of giant burgers screaming and swearing into a phone while Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston were making out in a giant bed and touch-less soap dispensers were  cleaning up all of the BP oil slick in the gulf.

Yikes!  I must have a fever.


7 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. I am with you on the whole not wanting to listen to anymore of the Mel Gibson rants. Rant number 5…Like seriously?! I didnt even want to hear rant number 1..
    My mom and me where just having the soap dispenser talk the other day when I was at the hospital for a scan. I am not sure why the hospital didnt go the automatic route of depensing antibacterial soap. I guess it just boils down to money but still!
    Dont even get me started on the Palins. That is going to be an awkward weddding considering that the Palins and Johnsons found out about the wedding though the media like the rest of the common folks. Opps… their bad.
    Im glad I am not related to any of them. When I think about how craziness the real world is I prefer my life over anyone elses anyday, expectially the people who have to pick either Jacob or Edward at BK. I dont think I could ever choose. Guess Im going to stay away from BK so I dont have to even choose between my loves.

  2. I love that when your ‘out of commission’ you are still able to use your voice! Crossing my fingers for BP’s new cap!
    I was an Edward fan but if you go with Jacob you don’t have to change? All I have to say about Mel Gibson is ….really?
    Get better Girlfriend, we have a photo shoot to do on Sunday! I hear if you eat really salty chips for a couple of days whatever you have will be gone! lol Late nights work too! lol Can’t wait to see you!! xoxox

      • LOLOL can you imagine, no hope in hell of that EVER happening, boudoir photos here I come! We are doing sexy lingerie aren’t we? We are each picking an outfit for the other, right? I have your in my back pocket right now! Too late I’m plucked like a turkey! And my stash is gone! I am just praying that Jacquie isn’t ripped! lol

  3. OMG!!!Levi and Bristol back together.Perhaps Mel Gibson should be giving them some couples counseling prior to their first moose hunting trip this fall.
    I am trying to send out feel good vibes to you this morning so you have a good day.

  4. Very funny Bonnie (and Tracy too). Thanks for the chuckle. But seriously, Edward for sure!!! 🙂
    I am also sick to death of the Mel crap. He’s a loser and has been for years (if not always). I’m glad people can see that now and hopefully he won’t be getting anymore 2nd chances. He’s had more than his fair share as far as I can tell.

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