She’s No Michelle Obama!

I had planned on writing about my experience regarding an outrigger canoe race I recently competed in.  I was going to post some photos too.  Yes that was the plan until I actually saw said photos of myself.  Gasp! Who stole my arms and replaced them with old lady arms?  Seriously! Isn’t it bad enough they tend to be long and furry?  When did they get all wavy and hefty looking too?  I know there are bigger problems in the world to worry about but please bare with my self pity for just a bit longer.

Life is funny sometimes isn’t it? I’m skipping along fine and happy for a while and then this “in your forties” thing sneaks up and screams “BOO!” at me.  “Stop sneaking up on me!” I scream back. How did I miss something as obvious as my own arms going through a major metamorphosis? I thought my eyesight was better than most my age, but perhaps I was wrong.

There have been other changes too.  It’s now much harder to get my middle…well… hard. I laughed out loud when I heard comedienne Wanda Sykes give her own mid section a name.  Apparently “Esther” also has a mind of her own and demands bread, wine and cheesecake.  I could totally relate.   🙁

I will not give in to these changes without a good fight however. I just found this short video with the fix.  One month, she claims, is all it will take.  Well alright then.  I’ll give it a try.  I may or may not update you on my progress.  If you don’t hear anymore on the subject then I would suggest not mentioning my arms in front of me ever again.  Just to be safe.   😉

My future arms! Ooo and I'll have those abs too please!


19 thoughts on “She’s No Michelle Obama!

  1. Studies have shown that all muscles can be improved at any age with just a little repetitive exercise every day. My latest mantra.

    Bonnie, how ’bout we form our own house painting service?! lol! Make a little side cash while toning the arms…

    • AHAHAHHAHHAHA! Thanks for the giggle! First of all where did you find that photo of me? lol Lets for fun & giggles take a before picture standing sideways with our arms in full form and in a month we will redo our picture hopefully we won’t need to photoshop it!

      I’m seriously going to do it and see if it does work. Now what can I do about my LEGS, GUT and ARSE ?? There is no point in having just great arms in my world! xo

  2. I want to know how that chair didn’t flip over and land her on her arse…if I tried that, that’s what would’ve happened. I need something more sturdy. I guess she has good balance too…

  3. I did the same thing last week when looing at a picture of me and I was thinking “holy crap, my arms are MASSIVE” and not in a good way. Basically my arms are flubber. I could fly to get away from someone if I had too. I am going to for sure pick up my weights.

  4. OK Bonnie, it’s been a month. Did you notice any difference after those exercises? I can’t say my triceps are any less jiggly!!! I would say my biceps look a bit better but I’m not sure if that’s from the boxing I’ve been doing or if the above exercises contributed. I’m disappointed though! My trainer says it’s a female/genetic thing and very hard to get rid of. Sigh.

    • Wow Cheryl someone who actually follows through with a fitness goal, I’m impressed! Can we use you in the future as our tester for more fitness stuff? I just ate mud pie and watched Ali fall in love with Roberto, Carri and I said we would start doing the stairs on Tuesday and Thursdays but I really need to see what Tuesday ‘feels’ like before I commit! tee hee

      Now I understand why your in such incredible shape Cheryl, genetics might be part of it but you also actually DO the exercises! You go girl! xo As for me I’m with Bonnie…can I ‘ave another?

  5. Sorry ladies, I forgot to check back for a follow-up on this post! OK, since those arm exercises didn’t work, I’m carrying on with boxing. In fact, I think those exercises are what contributed to a very sore right shoulder. I’ve had it for about 2 months. I had to dial all the arm stuff back and it feels quite a bit better now so I’m getting back to the regular exercises.
    I’d be happy to test the fitness stuff but I have to say, the battle is getting harder and harder every year! Honestly, I feel like I’m the most “fit” I’ve ever been but I don’t have the same shape as I did say a year ago. As much as I love my addictive-as-crack workout I do feel it’s bulking me up a bit. I’ve just researched slimming calves and decided I can no longer do the 2 minutes of skipping as the first station because that’s probably why my calves are so much bigger than they used to be. (It certainly has nothing to do with dessert or wine!) Off to stretch my calves…

    • I just started a core work out class today with a couple of friend, I must say we all did well. My shoulder prevented me from doing a few of the reps but all in all it was a great work out. I hadn’t noticed how bad my shoulder was until I could see it in comparison in a mirror with my good one. I am going to give this a shot, I think I need someone else right now to tell me what to do. My feet still kill me even just walking so I am a work in progress right now. Keep up the good work Cheryl!

  6. Well the good news is my calves are 3/4″ smaller after a week of doing a different exercise than skipping to start my workout. (No comments, please, on how obsessive it is to measure!)

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