Secret to Happiness

The world seems ripe with things that can get you down.  If you are crazy enough to watch the news lately you will see children starving in Africa, teenagers being shot down in Norway, politicians unable to agree…on anything, young talents dying too soon, airplanes crashing, rich men raping, newspapers spying, the list goes on and on.

There may be people close to you that are letting you down or disappointing you.  Your finances may be squeezing you too tight, you may feel overwhelmed by family responsibilities, perhaps you are out of work and unsure of your future, maybe you found a lump, maybe you are worried about a family member being addicted to something, maybe you were elected to give that speech in front of hundreds and you’re terrified, or you lost the contract you had been counting on, or the markets have dropped and there goes your retirement money, or…

Sometimes life feels heavy.  Thanks, you’re thinking.  Thanks for reminding me of all the darkness surrounding me, ya, really inspiring Bonnie! But wait, I have a solution. It’s  the answer to how to beat the doldrums. It’s a cheap, quick fix to get you to forget all the bad news and get you laughing and smiling again.  And the best part…it tastes good too!

The answer is simple; a watermelon eating contest.  You don’t even have to go in one (but it works way better if you do), just watching other people snort and slurp watermelon without using their hands is giggle inducing.  It’s fun on a level that you just can’t beat.  I wish I’d discovered this secret to happiness years ago.  Better late than never and now I’m excited to share this discovery with all of you.  When its all over and you’ve blown the watermelon chunks out of your nostrils and wiped up the juice that’s collected in your belly button you are guaranteed to have a new bounce in your step. Life will look bright and shiny again.  I swear by it.

Here’s to summer fun everyone!

A seriously good sport!


And the winner is...Lorellei!




    • Tracy Westerholm

      I am just glad it wasn’t when I was up there a couple of weeks ago…hey John! tee hee hee. (private joke sorry! “Here let me get that for ya…ohhhh ohhhh I’m sorry I thought that was watermelon”

      Looks like fun Bon, can’t believe you and John actually went into it! No wonder you are so happy! xoox

  • Kathy

    Thank you for sharing the awesome photos and happy thoughts! We need to focus more on all the fun stuff that happens in our world seeing as the media seems to have the negative stuff covered!

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