Running On Empty

I love it when the house is quiet like this.  It’s early enough that I’m still the only one up.  The only sounds are from my keyboard clicks and the fans whirring around the warm air.  I have three kids sleeping peacefully in the loft above me, my husband snoozes in the room next to me, three more family members are asleep downstairs and two are dreaming away in the cabin.  It’s heavenly quiet.  But with a five and a half month old baby in the house I know this can’t last for much longer.  I have to use this time wisely.  To write.  About what? I have no idea.  Something will come to me.  It always does.  In the mean time I’m free flowing.  I’m just putting words down without much any thought.

I want to feel passionate about something to write about but all that comes to mind is how tired I still am.  I just had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep but my body feels heavy and old.  I want to feel the spark of creative thought but instead I am wondering what the hell I should make for dinner tonight while checking my phone’s calendar to see what tasks I can’t forget to do today.  My mind is cluttered with this weekend’s big event.  My paddling club’s two day race is happening and I’m helping to organize it.  There is a lot to do in preparation.  That combined with a house full of out-of-town-family seems to be zapping my creative juices.  Is this it?  Am I on empty creatively?

Something will come to me.  It always does…eventually.

I’m resisting the urge to look at my phone.  There are messages waiting for me.  Messages that will take me away from writing.  Messages that will sling me far from any creative thoughts.  Messages that may be important.  Messages that may need my immediate attention! Important messages!!  (Never mind…just cheap Viagra offers)

I read that you know you have writers block when you write about having writers block.  Well I’ll take that a step further and post a bunch of images I found depicting writers block.

Well that used up a whole lot of white space.  This gives me another week to break the block.  Phew! Until then…


5 thoughts on “Running On Empty

  1. haha, that was funny. I can’t imagine…blogging…that’s how it gets. Way to make that funny…I felt your pain. Have a great long weekend ladies!

  2. Well you did a far better job at filling the white space with nothing to say than many writers who fill the space with what they claim as something to say:)

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