Rule Breaker?

How do you feel about rules?  If you break them do you feel uncomfortable or excited?  Me? I get reeealllly uncomfortable about breaking rules.  I just don’t like to do it.  I figure they were created for a reason and it probably has something to do with safety.  Speed limits for example.  (ok, I have broken those a few times)

If the sign says “NO TRESSPASSING” there is probably a very good reason.  Like they have a grow op or meth lab and they don’t want you to see it because if you did see it then they’d have to either kill you or employ you.  So just don’t go there I say!

Life jackets.  Now this is one rule I feel very strongly about.  I always wear mine; no matter how hot it is. My own life jacket happens to be black which brings my body temperature up at least another 10 degrees.  It was 38.5 here yesterday but I still wore my thick black life jacket when out on the water.  This is how I got the nick name Susie Safety.  This is similar but different from Captain Careful, which is what we call Tracy.  Captain Careful makes sure she locks every door, always has an escape plan in mind and her cell phone handy in case she needs to call 911.  Do you see the difference?  One is always preparing for possible bad out comes while the other is avoiding a dangerous situation all together.  We are a great babysitting team by the way.  You can be assured your child will be safe and carefully looked after with the two of us in charge.

I just feel most rules are a reliable guide to staying safe.  “Don’t go beyond this point!” is probably warning you of a slippery cliff or quick sand ahead or known alligator territory or something like that.  I know some people (cough *John* cough) who are so curious they would have to “go beyond that point” just to see what was that important to warrant a sign.  I’m not one of them.

Well, ok, there were a few rules I broke when I was younger but I’ll save those stories for another post…maybe.


13 thoughts on “Rule Breaker?

  1. I am a rule follower for most part, and agree that they are there for a reason….I don’t need to figure out that reason. The lifejacket for example…I would tell myself the one time I didn’t wear it, and that’s when I would need it. I fear myself into not breaking the rules. It is hard with peer pressure, good for you for sticking to it!

    BTW, have you seen the new commercials out about drowning? End line is…Dave didn’t plan on drowning today…as he packs up and heads out in the morning.

  2. You’re funny! It’s interesting isn’t it that you, Susie Safety try to avoid braking the rules and I, Captain Careful see the ‘headlines’ after the rules have been broken. You are prepared before hand and I am prepared for the outcome! That is a GREAT team for babysitting! FYI I slept in the cottage with my “cellphone” powered down…but car key close just in case I needed to ‘sound the alarm!’ lol (would you have heard it?)

    I will also add so everyone knows we are capable of breaking a rule or two or three, we have in the past but have matured over the years and become Moms along the way, try to set a good example! I still feel on occasion I’d like to dip my toe in the rule breaker side just to remember what it felt like, I just can’t seem to find a rule I want to break at the moment but I will keep my eyes peeled and let ya know when I do! I don’t want to go home 🙁

  3. Ok– so you probably don’t want to know that none of the crew will be wearing our lifejackets tomorrow when we are racing out on the ocean…. But don’t worry — we’ll have them in the boat! 🙂

  4. I disagree with the statement “rules were meant to be broken” wholeheartedly, but I also think some rules are completely stupid and that’s when I like to push the limits a bit.

    I’m no Captain Careful, nor am I a Susie Safety. Let’s see… I think I’m a Trusting Tessy… or Tina. I do my best to be educated about my surroundings, or the situation or whatever, and then I just trust everything will work out. I’m an adventurer, and reckless. I like to take long road trips by myself – not that Seattle is that far, but I just got back from an overnighter by myself – and I’ve done Vancouver to California alone (without a cell phone). I think it’s the Aussie in me. We love to explore and are fearless! lol Bonnie, you’ve spent more time there but I was born in the country, so maybe that’s the difference. Again, lol. ; )

    At 17 I hitch-hiked from Hull in northern England to the Auvergne in the middle of France alone. I wouldn’t recommend that now, of course, but I had no problems back then. Perhaps I was just lucky… or people saw I was prepared and looked confident?

    Fun post, Bonnie.

    • Let’s call you Trusting Trudy! I like it!

      Yes, you must have the Aussie wanderlust and fearlessness in your blood Jake. I enjoyed traveling alone a little bit when I was young but I would never have hitch-hiked alone in Europe or even traveled to California without my blackberry…mind you I don’t go anywhere without my blackberry. Ha!

      I think looking confident is huge. I think some emit an air of “I can look after myself so don’t mess with me” with the right attitude and it really helps keep away the crazies. I definitely did not have that at 17.
      I want to hear more of those stories one day Jacquie! 🙂

      • Can you imagine for a moment if Bonnie and I were on the trip with you when you had no cellphone! You would be walking around all day as the middle of a Safety Sandwich! Either that or you would have had the power to persuade us back to our younger days and we would have all relived the movie the Hangover together! Maybe we should take a road trip the three of us to Vegas! I wasn’t always Captain Careful! It all started when I turned 30 and went back packing to Thailand with Scott because he was the opposite! In my younger years one of my favourite things to do was drive around town in my jeep with the top off @ around 4 am because it was so peaceful! I took chances but was still always aware of my surroundings! xo

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