Poor me, poor me

Bonnie Johnson's PostIf you find yourself saying “poor me” or if you are having trouble finding something to feel grateful for on this weekend of Thanksgiving (in Canada), then here is a little inspiration for you.

If you are able to see to read this blog, then be grateful.

If you are disabled in one way but able in another, then be grateful.  Focusing on all you do have and appreciating even the little things opens you up to feeling good.   Keep reaching for the better feeling thought by appreciating all the little things that are good in your life.

Ben Underwood (January 26th 1992 – January 19th 2009) didn’t have a long life, but boy did he live it fully while he could.  Limitations?  What limitations?  I’m grateful to have found and met (through YouTube) the amazing Ben Underwood and his remarkable mother Aquanetta.




5 thoughts on “Poor me, poor me

  1. I remember seeing Ben on Oprah and being blown away by his incredible ability. Very sad that this young man has passed away. Just makes you wonder what other unique strengths we might possess if our lives weren’t so bombarded with external distractions.
    Thanks, Bonnie.

  2. Wow. Makes the problems we face everyday seem like cake. Appreciation for what we have and using the hands we are dealt in the present time of your life is what is important…yes I am listening when you preach mother. Thank you for this post, it really makes me live in the now and realize how lucky I am to be me.

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