PJ Procrastination

It’s ten minutes before two in the afternoon and here I sit in front of my computer still in my pyjamas.  No one would guess this if they saw me right now because I am wearing sweat pants and a hoody over my pj’s.  That somehow makes it seem better; not quite as lazy.  This can happen when you work from home.
I had to take the garbage out to the curb first thing this morning so I whipped the sweats and hoody on over top and just have not got around to changing yet.   True, I have taken the time to make myself a cup of tea, and then breakfast, and later on I warmed last nights left overs for lunch.  I also managed to unload the dishwasher and wash some pots and pans somewhere in there too.

Priorities I guess.  I keep thinking “I don’t want to get dressed because I need to take a shower first and that will set me back at least 45 minutes by the time hair and makeup are done. I’ll just do these few things first.”

Mostly I’m glued to my keyboard and screen because I’m working on creating a new web site for someone.  I love and I hate this work all at the same time.  I love the creative process and I hate the nit-picky-ness of code.  When some small > is missing everything can go wrong, but when you discover the mistake it’s so exhilarating!  I’ve set a goal of creating at least one page a day but two or more are better. Easy. Until I run into a snag and I inevitably will run into a snag or two.

Then there is email to check before I hit the shower.  Checking email is a whole new can o’ worms.  So many distractions! Notice of an over due bill. What! How did that happen? Ok, better deal with that first. Carol needs to know what these expenses are for. Gotcha. Quick email back to Carol. A link to Saturday Night Lives parody on Charlie Sheen. Gotta check that out. Hey, Loghomes.com used one of our pictures in their newsletter.  Have to quickly check that they gave us credit for the photo. They did. Ok. My note from the Universe is waiting to be read.  It always makes me smile and I need that right now so…

And on and on it goes.

I feel the weight of the laundry I started yesterday but forgot to put into the dryer on my shoulders, beckoning me to get with the program and finish the job.  When I look outside I notice the weather is warming, the snow is melting and the sun is peaking through a little.  Maybe I should go for a run.  I don’t want to shower before I go for a run.  Wait, I need to write my post. The phone rings. Gab, gab, gab. Where was I? My computer chimes alerting me of the new email that has arrived.  Whoa! It’s almost three now.  I’ve decided to do a quick workout instead of running, re-start the laundry, figure out what we will have for dinner, dig through the freezer for the chosen protein, swipe at some cob webs that catch my eye, and read some more email which brings me past Oprah o’clock.

At this point I have to wonder if there is a point to getting dressed at all; until I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror.  Oh ya! There definitely is a point. That’s it folks.  I’m hitting the shower. Now.


    • Tracy Westerholm

      Yep! I’ve been there before! It’s so easy to get distracted by life, as long as you just don’t let it pass you by you’re good!

      I learned my lesson when I didn’t shower that one time, or shave my legs, was still sweaty from working in the yard earlier and put it off and put it off and had an episode of Vertigo and had to call the paramedics because I fell over and couldn’t get up! Yep there I was laying in the hospital with all the handsome paramedics, I looked like I hadn’t showered in months with hairy legs and all! Thank god they didn’t need to cut my cloths off!!! So ya, I try to stay groomed a little more regular these days!
      Thanks for making us all know we are normal! xo

  • Sully

    So I detect a little monkey mind mixed in with procrastination. Working from home is the best. I still say that with all the distractions including whether to shower or not, you are still more productive.

  • jacquie

    I often stay in my PJ’s through a large part of the day, too. Awkward when my neighbour comes to show me his latest art projects, though. That’s when I wish I didn’t have a glass front door. Or when the postman has a package to deliver. Doh!

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