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The other day my son James wrote the following on my Facebook wall:
James – so i was reading this article on msn bc and it was the “top 10 reasons u should unfriend sumone on FB” guess what number 10 was? “If you call her mom” just sayin but most people dont have their moms on facebook (Obviously un-edited by me although it was hard not to fix his spelling)
My response to him:
Bonnie – Only the cool people have their moms on Facebook. Congratulations!

Being the curious type I had to check out this list he spoke of.  Pretty funny stuff actually, especially because we all know some of these characters amongst our own Facebook “friends”.  (Itching to mention names but won’t)

The List:

1. She’s a firm believer that you can learn a lot about your health from your poop — and has the status updates to prove it

2. You’ve only met him once but he “likes” everything you do on Facebook. Uh, stalk much?

3. You’re pretty sure she doesn’t wear her dress and veil everyday, but the girl can’t stop posting pics from her wedding two years ago.

4. He changed his relationship status to single instead of breaking up with you in person.

5. One word: Farmville.

6. She might not be on The Biggest Loser but for some reason she wants the entire world to know what she had for lunch, how many miles she just ran, and when she is sweating it out at the gym.

7. She has a photo album of your days as a teen beauty pageant queen, a scanner, and a passion for tagging.


9. “So-and-So added you as a friend on Facebook” is the most you’ve heard from him in 10 years. Now that you’ve accepted the request you still haven’t connected.

10. You call her Mom.


Obviously I’m not a fan of number 10 for my son, I agree with it in the case of my own mother though. Double standard? Yes! And that’s all I’m saying about that!

Please try to understand that my only child was plucked from my nest in 2007 and traveled all the way to the other side of the continent to go to school and live.  I miss him every day!  Connecting with him on Facebook and having a glimpse into his life through his wall posts and tagged photos is sometimes all I have.   I try to restrain from making comments about the pictures I see of him.  I try even harder after he unfriended me for a month that one time as punishment for a comment I had made. Thanks for friending me again James. I have behaved very well since then.  Now I keep my worry to myself about your debauchery.  It’s just a stage you are going through…right?

At least I never poke and I have nothing to do with Farmville!


8 thoughts on “My Mom’s on Facebook

  1. very funny post!!!! I have not posted status’s that describe wild nights out…don’t have any! LOL! but my parents have found out about animals I have not mentioned thanks to my facebook pictures!! LOL..and I am ALL grown up!!

  2. Great Post Bonnie !

    You are a funny and very special Person. No one can put things into words like you !

    You Lighten My Life’s Load ! Your So GREAT !


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  4. That was funny ! I immediately went to my page to see if I did anything that was on the list. YEP! It reminds me of “Ollie Childs” version “Hey There Facebook” to the song Hey There Delilah. Thanks for the laugh! T xo

  5. Very funny indeed! I am sure it will be some other platform by the time my girls are on the net. I can’t imagine that day, but I know I would want to connect in the same way you are, Bonnie, if they lived a million miles awway.

    I love that video. The last line was hilarious about Farmville. 🙂

    My mom is finally on the net after 55 years and I think it’s cool. Although she isn’t on Facebook. 😉 I am sure she would be a Farmville junkie though.

    Happy Monday ladies.

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