My Happy place ~

Where is your Happy place?

Tracy Tracy’s trying real hard to get there~

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to escape from life in general, if even for a moment!  You try desperately to tune out everything and everybody around you.  You start to day dream of where you would much rather be ….it’s called your “Happy Place. It’s the mental state achieved when one wants to avoid the unpleasant or uncomfortable.  Everyone has a different  happy place that usually consists of the things that make them feel warm and fuzzy.

Ahhhh My Happy Place…I have been trying to get there lately but it’s been like a bad dream, your running as fast as you can but you are moving in slow motion!!  I have been literally running from one task to the next with absolutely no time to spare between for the last month and it is starting to take it’s toll.  The balance in life can sometimes get away from all of us and I will go on record right now and say mine is OUT !!  It is my own fault, I take on too much, have too many interests and my independent attitude doesn’t help!  I have wayyyyy too many cool things I want to be working towards, Tara Cronica, Writing a book, Kids, Silpada Jewelry, Exercise, Running a business, Girlfriends, Making Jewelry.  The list keeps growing !  I am taking a breath now~Rarotonga

My Happy Place consists of me sitting in a white wooden chair on the beach in Rarotonga, The Cooke Islands, completely alone with no one in sight.  There is a panoramic view of just water, sand and palm trees as far as you can see.  My chair is in the water so that my feet feel the warm waves slowly roll over them.  I have no where to be, nothing to do but sit and contemplate.  I have my ipod and I am listening to Enya or Enigma while my mind just goes far far away.  I have been to My Happy Place in reality, and it was such a serene wonderful place to be.  If I could fly there right now I would board the plane with no luggage, just the cloths on my back.  When you have so many things on the go it’s not hard to have your world start to spin in circles.  I need to take a chill pill and really try hard at least in my mind to get to my Happy Place!  Wish me luck !

Bonnie Johnson's PostBonnie aligns herself~

I have learned that when I find myself out of my “happy place” it is always because I’m out of alignment.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, for me it means that I’m not tuned in to Who-I-Really-Am; that bigger part of my Self that is connected to Source (God, the Universe, Allah, whatever label you choose).  The disconnect happens when I’m not aligned with that source of joy and inspiration (which is, in fact, our natural state).  It’s easy to let myself slip out of alignment, all I have to do is focus on something negative or something that makes me feel bad and then I see some more stuff that makes me feel bad and then I notice something else negative that I hadn’t noticed before,…and so it goes.

So here’s a 30 minute energy-alignment I learned through the teachings of Abraham and the Law of Attraction series that really works for me.  I’ll just rename it “How to get to my happy place” for this post.

  1. Start the night before:  As you put yourself to bed find things in your immediate vicinity (your bed, your pillow, your sheets) to direct your appreciation toward.  Set your intention to sleep well and to awaken refreshed.
  2. When you wake up lie there for 5 minutes and think about some more things you appreciate.
  3. After you’ve washed and eaten, sit for 15 minutes and quiet your mind.  Allow resistance to fall away and feel your vibration rise.
  4. Open your eyes and sit for 5 or 10 minutes writing a list of things you appreciate about your life.

That’s it.  30 minutes or less and I’m feeling good again.  It’s all about choosing a positive point of attraction which not only yields to me activities and rendezvous with good feeling people, places, and things – but my ability to experience the delicious depth of them will be dramatically enhanced.  “Getting yourself feeling good before you take any action is always the best process; and when you do not feel good, you cannot be inspired to any action that will solve the problem”. – Abraham

happy face

Post Insert JacquieJacquie knows it’s right where it’s always been~

I think I discovered the secret to my happy place a long time ago when I was a typical angst-ridden emo 17 year old living in Paris and dealing with loss, loneliness and betrayal.  I spent a lot of time writing poetry…and teaching myself how to knit and crochet and design my own pieces.  By focusing my attention on something positive and pleasurable, I found I was able to let go of the issues that were the cause of my unhappiness. For me, being actively creative is a form of meditation, and it allows me to stay connected to my true Self by providing plenty of time for reflection.   This is the poem I wrote as a melodramatic teenager. I think the sentiment, though perhaps a little over-wrought, still rings true.

I hate to look forward
Because all I see is pain
And pressure and loneliness
And a hurt I can’t explain.

I’m living in a fairy tale
Without the magic wand.
This one’s filled with blackened dreams
That I can’t see beyond.

So by myself I’ve learned to move
And pass my time with me
When those around are cruel and dark
I’m my best company.

We are responsible for our own happiness.  It’s up to us individually to find out the best way to stay in tune, or, as Bonnie put it, stay in alignment.  The only way to do this is to regularly shut out all the noise that can cloud your judgment and distract you from your goals.  When you feel that confidence returning, only then can you feel balanced and ready to tackle the next hurdle calmly, with a smile and an open heart.




10 thoughts on “My Happy place ~

  1. where to start??! i was all excited to comment on tracy’s happy place – but i need a moment cuz my eyes are all welled up with with pee from reading my sister’s poem. (i say “pee” because i just learned that tears have like, the exact same chemical make up as tears) i just wanna go back in time and wrap my 11 year old skinny arms around her! come to think of it, maybe i’d just settle for my 11 year old skinny arms back… Anywhoo tracy…last spring, when i was feeling all restless, stressed and bored, i bought a copy of the lonely planet’s book on the cook islands! i keep it by my bed – and whenever i need a dose of happy place, i’ll read another chapter. it’s like a 24.95 mini vacation i get to keep going on! tell you what – tonight i’ll open ‘er up, and read about that vanilla smelling island near rarotonga, and i’ll imagine meeting you all there. we’ll sip cook island cocktails and then rent a little sailboat and float out to a motu, and giggle and talk about nuthin’ but dreams 🙂

  2. Anne I’ve missed you darlin!! Really a lonely planets book on the Cooke Island !!!!!! I want one !! What a GREAT idea !! Do you know I was there for 18 days with a boyfriend I broke up with days before we left, it was meant to be a romantic stop before we headed to meet Bonnie in Australia for 6 months so I was basically on my own. When we got home I found out a girlfriends sister whom I LOVED was there the entire 18 days I was and we didn’t run into one another !!! I will go on a girls holiday with you anytime babe !! I am going to go wipe the pee off my cheeks now. If I was allowed to pick I would rather have my 11 year old butt than my arms! We need to meet !!!

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I can see why Jacquie loves you guys so much! Bonnie – LMAO! “cried in my panties” D.Y.I.N.G. !!!! Cheryl – see you in the islands chicka – rockin’ our 11 years old bods of course :):):)

  4. I can see that you ladies are having a little fun here.
    In reality these were all really good ! Tracy, I love the whole idea of finding a happy place and going there….

    Bonnie, aligning ones self is a necessary commitment sometimes everyday for me… Cool !

    Jacquie, Poetry when the soul is hurting along with ones heart being misplaced….. Me Too !

    For me ….. turning to the spiritual leader in my life ….. is were I need to be at all times !

    Thanks Ladies ! Well Done Here !

    • Thanks Rick, it was fun and I do love my Happy Place because I am a day dreamer and I love to just jet off during the day to an alternate reality and just chill for a bit. Same thing a latte does but without the caffeine ! lol

  5. I think…actually know, that it’s so easy to lose yourself. I’ve just experienced a waste of time, a part of my life I won’t get back, nor care to experience again. Why?…well…life happened, and I lost the joy, the love, the part of me that makes me…me. My husband and I lost what makes us…us. We let life take over. It started slowly, and next thing you know it took over. To be able to recognize the need to slow down, and realign is great. Learning to keep it in balance is something I am going to try to learn…better. From this whole experience, I, him, and we learned that we need to take care of ourselves…individually and together. We also realize that we are stronger when we do. We know that we need to go to the happy place more. I think I’ll check out that book Anne…I know a holiday is on the horizon…somewhere. Thanks for your continued great articles ladies. I am enlighted when I visit here. A good chuckle now and then…always helps too 🙂

    • Janet, you can’t know how much happiness you just gave me!!! Your honesty is breathtaking and the fact that you feel comfortable to share here is an honour.
      Taking a breath and remembering why you’re doing all the running around in the first place is key to a happy life, and touching in with your spiritual side is also part of that. However you manage to do it, keeping in touch is so important when daily stresses pull you out of alignment. I’ve got a huge smile on my face right now, thanks to your comment. Big hugs to you and ‘D’. Time to start laughing together again, right!

  6. Wow Janet that was beautifully put !! Your comments and voice is so Welcome here and I always look forward to hearing it! Thank you for sharing a personal part of who you are with all of us !! 🙂

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