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Scanning the internet for what’s new in the world can be a real eye opener.  My conclusion is that people are weird.  I was going to call this post “Only in America” but the more I looked around the web the more I realized that people are weird all over the world and it isn’t just an American thing at all. Phew?

The first story that caught my eye was about a man who had his electronic cigarette blow up in his face.  Just when you think you are doing the right thing…
This poor guy finally committed to quit smoking, bought an electronic cigarette to get him past the craving and boom! It blew up in his face, taking all his teeth out and leaving him with severe burns to his face. He lives in a place called “Niceville” for crying out loud, had been in the war in Vietnam, and still this is what gets him! Poor guy!

Then I discovered a story about a man who had a heart attack in a restaurant called…wait for it…Heart Attack Grill.  Yep, it’s a real place (in Vegas mind you) where the waitresses dress like nurses in a bad porno, anyone over 350 lbs eats for free and the owner sports a lab coat and stethoscope and calls himself Doctor Jon Basso.  Sigh. It was only a matter of time.

Further surfing dug up the story that Facebook has a new app that allows users to post a status update or video message to friends from beyond the grave. With the app If I Die, a person posts a written message, a video, or both, and then chooses three trustees who will confirm their death before the post goes up on their Facebook wall.  Is it just me or does that seem a little creepy?  I can imagine some really bad scenarios coming from this.  What if you post a video and say a bunch of stuff that you feel at the time but then years later you mature and your outlook on life changes but before you remember to update your If I Die video you get hit by a bus.  Awkward! Well not for you, cause you’d be dead, but for your friends and family it could be. What if you write a deep dark secret that you only want revealed after you are gone but those three “trustees” of yours get together and, as a joke, confirm that you are dead when you’re not and suddenly your secret is out?  Oops!

Digging deeper, I discovered that some stupid bar in Buffalo, New York was running a “beads for boobs” contest where whoever gets the most beads wins breast augmentation surgery. Not sure how you go about collecting said beads but judging by the level of tastelessness of the competition, I’m sure I don’t want to.

Next I read that a Swedish hospital is looking for nurses who are “TV-series hot.”  Yeah, cause that’s important to your health while you are in the hospital.  WTH?

A dead dog was offered a credit card, a man was snorting cocaine while driving on the highway and a spilled beer sparked a beating death.  Seriously?  What is going on out there?  That’s it; I’m going back to looking at pretty pictures on Pinterest.




  • Tracy Westerholm

    OMG where do I begin!

    First of all you’re HILARIOUS! This stuff is fu-kneeeeee!
    K the guy with the ciggy that blew up in his face…reallllly? He survives nam and then K-booom!
    Wow! Smoking really does kill!

    The hamburger place with porn nurses…those are some big burgers she’s got there! Any man in there right mind in the age range of a heart attack would be asking for a jammer just being in the same room…as the burgers *wink…Dubs on his way! (private joke)

    The Facebook story…now that made me giggle the entire way through just thinking about the fun that could be had as you pointed out…yes we think alike for sure…btw you will NOT be one of my trustees lol but I reallllllly want to be your only trustee! tee hee that is my kind of humour!

    No comment on the bead contest, women behaveing inappropriately for crap like that just boggles my mind…you make our gender feel ill! Sorry ladies use your brain it’s so much more rewarding!

    Funny stuff Bon, there is some weird stuff on the net for sure and people to go along with it!

    “Finding Lyrical Beauty in…the odd?”

    Where do I sign up for ifidie?

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