Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Home!

Bonnie Johnson's PostThis has been a frightening few days for over 10,000 residents in and around the Glenrosa subdivision in West Kelowna, BC.  Two of those residents are my parents.

This past Saturday afternoon they went to pick up a few things in town. It was so hot outside they decided to leave their small white dog, Stella, in their air conditioned home so she wouldn’t have to sit in a hot car while they shopped.

A short time later when they tried to return they were met with emergency crews, helicopters, water bombers and a large road block at the entrance of their subdivision.  The air was thick with smoke from the forest above their home as it burned dangerously close to the homes.  They were not allowed to go back for Stella.  No one was allowed through by this time.  My parents were worried sick for their favourite child dog.  At the shelter, which was set up for the evacuated residences, they found someone from the SPCA who promised to go in and rescue their dog as soon as the fire fighters gave them access.  They were finally reunited with Stella Sunday afternoon.  They were so relieved to have her in their arms they forgot to ask how their house and neighborhood looked!  After all it’s just stuff right!Glenrosa fire and my parents house

Tracy recently told me about friends who lost everything they owned in a house fire.  Apparently they feel a wonderful sense of freedom.  All of their stuff was weighing them down and now that it is all gone they really feel a sense of renewal.
I can see huge plumes of smoke directly across the lake from my home as I write this coming from another fire.

Photo courtesy of Scott Wellenbrink

Photo courtesy of Scott Wellenbrink

There are four fires currently burning in the Okanagan.  I can also see the dry, thickly forested hillside right behind my house from where I sit.  It all makes me stop and think about what I would do if faced with having to leave my house at a moments notice and what would I want to take with me if anything.  Looking around I realize that there isn’t really a lot that I couldn’t live without.  In fact the exercise has me thinking its time to de-clutter again and shed some of the unnecessary stuff.  I will put all of my “important” papers together in one easy to locate (read – one that I can remember) place.  After I was sure my husband and dog were safely out I’d probably grab my hard drive, some photo albums, those “important” papers and then scram.

The residents affected by the Glenrosa fire are looking at another couple of days before they will be allowed back to check on and return to their homes.  Hopefully there won’t be too much lost and much appreciation for the important things gained.




3 thoughts on “Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Home!

  1. Such a Great point Bonnie ! It’s only stuff !
    We are all praying for the safety of the residence up there. Glad your parents are well !
    Best Regards, Rick

  2. A good reminder Bonnie of what is important in life, and that is life itself. Your Mom has her priorities in check with just wanting her precious little white dog who brings her love and companionship with no strings attached. My thoughts are with all the souls who are facing loss and hope that they can all look at this tragic frightening experience in a positive way at some point in their lives. It’s also a reminder for everyone to get a few things in order so we are prepared in case this might happen to us. Video tape your surroundings from room to room is a good way to document your belongings. I don’t know anyone who can possibly remember what the contents of our homes have in them. Love to all xo

  3. Bonnie, I’m so glad your parents’ house is okay and that their little dog is going to be fine as well. I can only imagine how traumatic it was for them not knowing how everything would turn out.

    It’s a great reminder to keep insurance up to date, too.
    Five neighbouring families on my street lost their backyard landscaping and had extensive water damage in their homes due to two burst water mains early Sunday morning. After the initial shock of seeing water cascading furiously into your family room you just have to calm down and realize…it could be worse. It’s only stuff, like you said, Bon.

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