It’s a Matter of Perspective

Bonnie Johnson's PostI find it interesting that we tend to see ourselves so differently than others see us.  What is that all about?  Why is it that when we check ourselves out in a mirror we see a multitude of flaws?  And that is just how we see ourselves from the outside.

Have you ever asked someone else to describe you as a person?  I’ll bet it would be a lot more complimentary than if you were to describe yourself.  You may be the exception, but most of us are far too critical of ourselves in far too many ways.

The media bombards us with images that are impossible to live up to but still we try.  I am definitely guilty of this myself.  If it weren’t sad it would be amusing to watch the three of us here at Tara Cronica try to choose a photo that we believe we all look good in.  “It’s good of you two, but I have two chins in that shot so we can’t use it” was uttered more than once (mostly by me in case you were wondering). “My hair looks flat…my head looks huge…omg look at the bags under my eyes…etc., etc.”

It is great to have good friends who will “snap you out of it” when the self criticizing begins, but why not learn to recognize the good things about ourselves…ourselves?  It’s possible!  We just have to learn to control our thoughts.  Turn the negative around or at least stop the criticism before it gets going.

I may not be a model, I may not be 20 years old with a flat stomach anymore, but I am me; right now.  And that’s really not too bad.  Because life should feel good – now, I am going to start to look for the good things about me and focus more on those things starting today.  How about you?  Are you with me?  Bonnie

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  • Tracy

    I will out myself now so there is no speculation…I am the one with the Huge Head ! Too True Bonnie, we really should be easier on ourselves but then again I haven’t laughed that hard looking at pictures since the last time we did a photo shoot! You have to admit it was laugh out loud funny!

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