I Thought Only Men and Old People Did That!

Bonnie's PostI remember hearing my dad do it when I was still living at home.  It was so loud some times I could hear it through multiple walls and down the hallway to my room.

When I met my husband I had a hard time getting used to him doing it too.  I remember being shocked when I heard my step daughter do it once, and she was only in her twenties at the time.

My beloved dog Spot has started to do it now too.  This is not good because she sleeps in our bedroom…on my side of the room…so now I’m surrounded by it!

And by “it” I mean snoring of course.Snoring

I’ve been pretty righteous about the whole thing for quite awhile.  I mean sheesh, how can I get a good night sleep with so much racket going on.

Last night John gently shook me awake at about 3am.  I thought he was trying to tell me it was time to get up.  Silly man I thought, it’s not time to get up yet.  Then I thought he was wanting me to listen to something.  Was someone trying to break in?  I lied awake for a long time listening but heard nothing so finally went back to sleep.  When we got up this morning I asked him why he shook me awake so early.  “I was just trying to get you to stop snoring” he said.  Wha…no…not me…can’t be!

I Googled “how to stop snoring” and here are some of the scary things I’ve found:


I particularly like the sexy face bandage looking thing.  They are all pretty sexy actually!  Oh well.  At least all three of us are equally disturbing each other now.



  • Barack

    It has been written that a man’s snore is yet another mating call to the weaker sex.Along the same lines as a male lions roar or the plumeage on a beautiful male bird the female is uncontrolably drawn to this erie call that echos through the night.Some women are known to try and mimic this sound from time to time.

  • Tracy Westerholm

    Barack are you an Aussie by any chance? Disney’s film ‘Earth’ shows just that, the male bird proudly showing off his plumage in quite an elaborate display in hopes of getting the female interested in mating, however when he is done she simply fly’s away. I am guessing but I am pretty sure there are no women out there who find snoring a call to mate! lol Can you imagine? lol

  • Maggie

    Who are you calling the weaker sex? Hello, major stereotype – not true. There is no weaker sex – have you seen some of the women out there! Women and men are only opposite sex. I have seen some pretty physically and emotionally strong women out there. I have also seen some physically and emotionally weak men out there and vise versa. All individuals display varying levels of what we call “female characteristics” and what we call “male characteristics. People that fall somewhere in the middle integrating both characteristics equally report to be happiest. Agree?

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