I Picked Up a Stranger Last Night

So I went to the airport to pick up my husband who had been away working for a week.  His flight was late and I was getting tired.  Finally people started streaming off the plane and through the gate door.  A young girl looked around anxiously and then suddenly grinned and ran into her boyfriends arms.  “Awww”, I thought.  An elderly woman was enthusiastically greeted by a group of other elderly women who looked exactly like her.  Sisters, I imagined. There must be a family reunion this weekend.  But where is my man?  No sign of him.  A few minutes later a handsome man with nearly a full beard approached me.  He got closer and closer until he was so close he actually put his arms around me and kissed me.  What! Who? Why?!

Oh well, just go with it, I think to myself.  My husband has obviously decided to ditch me so I might as well take this nice man home with me instead.

He sounded very much like my husband but he didn’t look, smell or feel anything like him.  Yes, that’s right.  I touched the guy.  I couldn’t help it, he kept trying to snuggle me.  What could I do?  I didn’t want to be rude!

We had a very…um…interesting night.  I have to admit I lost focus on “the conversation” a few times.  He kept tickling me with his beard and I couldn’t help giggling.  Every now and then I’d envision my husband’s smooth handsome face and I’d feel a wave of guilt sweep over me.  But then the stranger would nuzzle his scruff into my neck and I was back in the moment.

He’s still here this morning, the bearded man, but he promises to leave soon.  He says my smooth faced husband will be home soon and I’m relieved.  The bearded stranger was fun for one night but I really miss my smooth-faced husband and can’t wait to have him home again.

This must be how playoff hockey wives feel.


4 thoughts on “I Picked Up a Stranger Last Night

  1. That right there is the reason you are a Happily Married Woman!!!! LOVE this post, one of my favourites in fact! Anyone who know me will understand why! Loved every single word of it! Ahhhhhhh I feel so warm and fuzzy inside now, thank you for that! I will live my life through you now ! tee hee xoxo

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