Gone Off-Air

I have a number of obligations breathing down my neck at the moment and yet none of them have a payout, at least not a monetary payout…yet.

Yesterday I worked at home on my computer from 9am until 11:30pm. My eyes were blurry and my wrists were aching from leaning on the keyboard but my bank account, sadly, remained the same. For some of the work I’m doing the payout will probably come sometime in the future, no guarantees though. That’s fine, but when a pile of these non-paying jobs start demanding all my time at once, something’s got to give.

And so it is that I give you my post for today:


Yep, I’ve gone off-air. My brain is full of television snow and so that is all I have to share with you. Remember when you were a kid and if it was your birthday you didn’t have to do any chores? Well, imagine I’m only 10 and it’s my birthday. If I can’t get any birthday money then I’m voting for no chores.

See you next week folks!


6 thoughts on “Gone Off-Air

  1. Bonnie, Happy Birthday!!

    I actually liked seeing the old test pattern with its bright colours and vintage feel. It brought back so many memories! Does it even get used any more? Thanks so much for sharing it!


  2. Happy Birthday… with all of this technology its nice to shut it all down and go and play without chores… You should do it more often. I so deeply relate.

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Best Friend!

    I love you and whatever it is you have to say…even if there are few or no words, just you being here is good enough for me! Your presence is an energy that never dies!

    P.S…silly I know but I always giggle on your Birthday (((((((((:D)))))))))

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