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Bonnie Johnson, co-creator of Tara Cronica, dishes about sex and love and Hollywood.

I recently found an interview on with author Jackie Collins whose modus operandi is telling salacious, splashy tales about the lives of the rich, beautiful and famous—has a new novel out: Poor Little Bitch Girl. The book centers around three young women, and the philandering husbands and cheating boyfriends they love. It’s her 27th novel.”

For fun I thought I’d try answering the questions posed to Jackie myself.  Dish a little for a change. You can read Jackie’s answers to the same questions here.

1. If you could tell your younger self something you’ve since learned about love, dating, sex and/ or relationships, what would it be?

Relax, you’ll get it right one day (love) and don’t hold back (as if) you’re making memories!(sex)

2. The fictional character you’d most like to date is _____.

Hawkeye from The Last of the Mohicans. He earned the frontier nickname La Longue Carabine, or The Long Rifle. *wink*  Hawkeye moves more comfortably in the forest than in civilization. (Hmm, what does this say about me?)

3. Describe your ideal sexual encounter in three words.

Hot.  Spontaneous. Thrilling.

4. When was the last time something romantic made you cry?

When the couple in The Notebook died together in bed.

5. What couple do you admire most? The pair can be from real life, history, fiction, film, etc.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward because they were a Hollywood couple who were truly in love and stayed together.  So rare!

6. Since you’ve been writing about watching Hollywood, in what significant way has the town changed the most?

There is no mystery anymore.  We know everything about everyone. Ugh.

7. Which of all the young starlets/tabloid fodder/etc. is your favorite?

I love Paris Hilton. She really knows how to use the media, and she enjoys having fun with it.  (Jackie’s answer but I agree too)

8. In your experience, when it comes to romantic relationships, what’s the biggest difference between men and women?

Women get lost in the story of their romance…men just get lost…often.

9. What is one thing you should never do in bed?

Eat crackers.  Ouch!

I’d love to hear your answers. C’mon, dish a little with me.


  • me

    1. Run
    2. Paul Newman even if dead
    3. every time exciting.
    4. Any movie that ends sad.
    5. Any couple that can run the distance together.
    6. Hollywood is very phony.
    7. None come to mind.
    8. They are totally different in their thinking.
    9. Give a massage with oil.

  • jacquie

    The part that impresses me is that Jackie Collins has written 27 books!!!! I had no idea. You may not like her style, but at least she’s following through with her passion. Kudos to her!

  • Tracy

    Okay I finally have some time to dish with you!

    1) Follow your heart and it will lead you in the right direction.
    2) Tarzan
    3) Passionate, spontaneous, chemistry.
    4) The Notebook (the kiss)
    5) Anyone who really loves who they are with, truly, deeply and passionately.
    6) Nothing left to our imagination anymore.
    7) Not sure, too tired to think of this one.
    8) Women build romance starting in their minds…Men build stuff.
    9) Have to agree with the crackers, can’t think of anything else!

  • Bonnie Johnson

    Tarzan! You cracker me up! Ha ha!

    I love that you guys played the game with me!

    Jake, I used to read Jackie Collins when I was in my late teens early twenties. Not interested so much now but I’m also impressed she keeps on putting them out. She definitely found her niche and stuck with it! 🙂

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