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Ageing is a funny thing isn’t it;  funny-ha ha occasionally but lately more funny-hmmm to me.  I’ve been looking back at how some things were so important to me when I was younger and how, after adding some years to them, they just don’t seem so crucial anymore.  Is it that I’ve grown wiser or have my convictions just worn down a little?

Take kids for example.  When my son was small I fussed about keeping him clean, properly rested, well fed, and generally on a strict routine.  I spent a lot of energy seeing to things that I felt were imperative.  And there is nothing wrong with that, but now that I’m older I think I’d go about it differently.  If I had a do-over day, I’d probably play outside with him longer and let him get right into the biggest mud puddles.

I’ve noticed that I’m not as critical as I once was.  I guess I have more understanding now that I have more life experience under my belt.  I’ve noticed annoyances that used to irk me in years past easily roll off my back now.  I’m mellowing.

Except for the fact that I have to put waaay more effort into maintaining my physical body which is intent on growing outward and downward and that random hair (sometimes usually gray) sprouts in random places and that my eyes don’t work well anymore (could be a good thing), yes despite all of that, I like this ageing thing.

I joke a lot that I wish I was 10 or 20 years younger, but the truth is I wouldn’t go back.  I like moving forward and I like developing into my better and better self.  It would be a whole different story if I felt like I was in a rut and hadn’t developed into a better person along the way.  If that were the case I’d probably feel cranky and bitter.  Hey, that may explain those old cranky bitter people!

I’ve also really enjoyed watching my good friends “of the same era” grow into more confident and self-assured people.  This all makes me smile and definitely takes the sting out of some of the negative side effects of ageing.

I guess my convictions haven’t really worn down but have simply changed.  I still feel passionate although not necessarily for the same things I did when I was 20.  And that’s a good thing because if I was still that girl, although I’d look great in a bikini, I wouldn’t know it.  I’d still be scared and unsure of myself.

So here’s to getting older!  It’s a funny thing.



7 thoughts on “Funny Thing About Ageing

  1. You have always just let life happen and never really stressed about much, I have learned over many years of seeing this and now finally do the same, it just took me longer to see it! As I age I really don’t get as bothered about anything anymore, I let it go a lot sooner than I might have in my 20’s. I too love the ageing process and what it has done to my attitude. Maybe not my body when I am standing in florescent lighting naked (cause that happens ALL the time lol )but light a few candles and I’m looking pretty good, besides looking good starts from the inside, women who embrace who they are physically and own it, ooze great self esteem. I feel like I am becoming more like my Mom in the way she doesn’t stress about the small stuff. I think as you age you still have passion it has just been transferred over to things that really matter with more direction. As for all those crabby people, that is regret written all over them !! But not judging cause I have not walked a mile in their shoes! x

  2. To quote Cher “Aging Sucks!”

    Sorry ladies, I have to agree with Cher! Sure, there are good things that come with having experience, but I’ll be fighting the good fight for the rest of my years. I’m happy with who I am now, but boy would I like to be young forever, or at least look it!

    I’ll ‘go along’ with this aging thing and make the best of it because I have no choice, but make no mistake ~ IT SUCKS! lol JMHO

  3. I hope I am six in the picture, but really don’t care as I feel great. Tracy has told me fight it every year. Yes ,I have gray hair underneath my light brown. It’s how you feel inside that matters. My only advice is to stay active be involved in the world situation and always be open to others opinions.

  4. We love your post Bonnie and can relate to it ! All of us are feeling our age or older this morning ! But, it was because we were doing “young” activities last night !

    • While celebrating Deb & Keith’s 40 th Birthday, last night I reconnected with two guys who I have not seen in 30 years. We all came to the same conclusion that we really don’t change much as we age, we all felt we were pretty consistent with who we were even after 30 years! They were the same two handsome guys to me because who they were had not changed and I think that matters far more than a few wrinkles! I wouldn’t however swim naked in the glass bottom pool whereas 20 -30 years ago I am pretty sure I would have taken the plunge, hey Bonnie! I was also reminded that I had body issues even back then when I had absolutely NO body fat so it is a solid reminder that we need to be a little kinder to ourselves and embrace who we are from the inside first and let the outside age gracefully or at least try! Thanks for being my date Jake ! Happy Birthday Deb and Keith you’re amazing !

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